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If you take your car to your car dealer where you purchased it, will they repaint it for you?

I want to get my car repainted; it's a black Chevrolet, and i'd like to get it repainted the same color. If I took it to a Chevrolet dealership, would they repaint it for me? Does anyone have any idea about how much it costs to get a car painted? I want the real deal, professional paint job.

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    Most dealerships will do some repair work, for minor fender benders but don't usually repaint the whole car. If you had the dealerships body shop do it, it would probably cost you an arm and a leg anyway. Ask around for a reputable body shop in your area that guarantees their work. A good paint job from a reputable shop may cost you from 1000-3000 dollars depending how much work they have to do to your car to get it straight before applying paint,

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    That's all going to depend on the dealership. It will have to go to a body shop to get painted. Some dealerships have body shops, others don't. Any GOOD dealership will at least have someone they work with if they don't have their own shop. Cost will vary from shop to shop, you should be able to get free estimates at some body shops though, call around.

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    You dont have to take it to a dealership (most dont have paint booths anymore). Any reputable paint shop will be able to do it.

    expect $3000 as the going rate for a professional complete paint job

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