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How's this for a band name?

We were thinking we could be called "Men in the White Coats." We're a rock band, but not really any subgenre as far as I can tell. (If it's not really a good name, I'm open for suggestions.)

We've also developed a logo, too. It's a one-eyed monster-ish creature chained to the wall of a padded room. I need opinions on this as well.

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    Not really catchy I guess, May I suggest something: Why don't you name it something like "Pamela and the white trashers"

    That way in a concert people would expect to see Pamela, but as you are all guys, she would never show up and people will keep wondering, who the hell is Pamela?

    That may add up interest from people in your band

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    I like it, but it all depends on your style too.

    Here's a good way to come up with a band name. Think of something really strong (Like Iron), then something really weak (A butterfly). Then you get Iron Butterfly (Which is already a band name). Led Zeppelin used this technique as well I believe.

    You can also go to and pick one word. It generates a name for you. Pretty cool.

    As for the logo, I'm not crazy about it.

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    How about "White Coats and Needles"?

    I love the logo too.

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    a good way to pick a band's name is to run your finger through a book and randomly stop on a line. Check to see if you like the word/phrase. if not, try again.

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    change the the "The" so it would be... "The Men in White Coats"

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    if you do really white white coasts... i find the name is good!!

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