Did you ever intend to hurt people?

Do you always try to not hurt people? or you don't care that you may hurt others?

What do you do when you hurt people unintentionally?

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    1 decade ago
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    They cannot harm you save that they may cause you slight hurt; and if they fight you, they will turn their backs to you. Then they shall not be helped.

    Holy Quran

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I always always try not to hurt others by my actions, by my words by any mean but I'm not an angel :) Although Alhumdulillah everyone around are so happy from me, they never say anything bad about me or any of my behavior. But I sometimes feel that I get little *straight* when someone lies or says something wrong. Suppose if i said, I don't feel like going... this is been deliver to others like Maria SAID SHE IS NOT GOING. Although I said I don't feel like, i didn't give a confirmed answer. So this thing sometimes hurt, and if I had been straight to others and when i realize I do say Sorry, or I say I was little harsh at that time, hope u didn't mind.. etc etc.

    I don't mind saying *sorry*, it doesn't get on my nerves, WHEN I'M WRONG. or when its about elders, even if my elders are wrong and they expect a sorry from me, I don't mind in saying so. ~!

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    Asalam Alaikum

    I am a people pleaser. I always want others to be happy and happy with me. If I hurt someone then I can assure you it was not intentionally. I will do what ever I can to make it up to the person as long as I don't do anything against Islam. If I feel I have hurt someone my heart hurts to.

    If I have ever hurt or offended you in any way please forgive me.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, there are times when I do not care if I hurt people, physically, mentally or emotionally. Not all the time though and I will feel really bad if I do hurt someone but only sometimes.

    I can't really explain why

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  • 1 decade ago

    I never intend to hurt people. I do my best to make sure I don't hurt them in any way. I do care if I hurt others. I feel guilty and would regret hurting them, before and after I apologize to them.

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    1 decade ago

    I always try not to hurt people but people always try to hurt me. I apologize of course if I hurt somebody unintentionally.


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    I tend to hurt people without thinking when they hurt me. But are often sensitive to others feelings.

    When I accidentally hurt someone, I would try to cover up by using "I mean" but it usually messed up and I end up apologising.

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    O LORD, give me to enjoy moderation,

    make me into one of the people of

    right behaviour, the proofs of right

    conduct, and the servants of

    righteousness, and provide me with

    triumph at the place of Return and

    safety from the Ambush!


    Source(s): Justice League Batman
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    My hurts are usually jokes so

    People know me and my type so they don't get offended

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