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Is heavy bleeding normal the first 2 days of your period?

I'm 16, turning 17 a month from today and I just got my period (not for the first time but I got it for the month). Yesterday, the bleeding was very heavy and it still is today. I put on a fresh pad last night and at 5am this morning, it was saturated. I put on a fresh one after I went to the bathroom and it's now 9:30am and it's getting pretty saturated. Is this normal for now? I've never experienced two days of heavy bleeding, just usually one day and then it gradually decreases in amount. Will the blood get lighter as my week goes on? My period usually lasts 5-7 days, sometimes 8. Is this normal because I'm a little nervous.

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    Yes it is normal but it should be tappering off right about now.

    If you have a 3rd day of it, call your Dr.

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    This is normal. I can understand how miserable it can make you feel. The first 2-4 days are usually the heaviest and Yes, it does lighten up throughout the week.

    I went through the same thing, however I started taking birth control pills at 18 and it really lightened up my period.

    You are young and perhaps your parents may disagree with the pill because, lol. they think your out having sex or something but really you should try it or convince them to let you try it for the sole reason of lightening up your period.

    My period would be just as heavy and last just as long. but when I started taking pills regularly my period always started on a Thursday (when I neared the end of the pack) and would stop shortly after Sunday when I began to start a new pack of pills.

    This is because in a 28 day back the last week is full of Placebo pills that cause your period to come.

    Not only is it shorter than usually but lighter as well.

    Pills aren't for everyone though some people can be allergic to them. I never have a problem with them though myself.

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    its very normal, your body isnt what they call "regularted" but this happens all the time, same thing happened to me about ur age, and i had my first period at age 11. so i know aboutthat. yes i first started out at 3 days period, thne chaged to 7 days, and then through out the years it turned to switch between how long it is,. i have always been a heavy flower, however it changes too. it also dependson your activities, eating, etc. i have poly cytic ovarian sydrome so i now have only 1 period a year nowf for the last 2 years.... its been messed up for a few years.....but when i had these periods it was very painful cramping and very very heavy. if you feel your period is too extreme flow wise, call your family doctor and talk to them, you can call them and actually speak to them to see what they advise. a check up may be advised if the dr. feels its too unusal. so dont worry but kep a watchful eye out. :) also hormomal chages is very infulenical in determining the flow, etc... u r at a high hormonial stage. :)

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    It is normal for your period to start with a vengeance the first day or 2. It should taper off after that. If you are saturating pads every hour, you need to call your doctor.

    Otherwise, don't worry.

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    Yes, it's totally normal. It's also normal, in my experience, for your period to be changing and not reliably the same every month when you're so young. My periods are now always heavier in the first two days, but they weren't when I was a teenager.

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    When I was your age..I used to get my period for seven days..and the first few days was with very heavy bleeding with blood clots..

    Used to think I was dying..

    Just mention it to your doctor next time you go. I don't think there's anything wrong..but you can ease your mind by asking.

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    It's normal because that's pretty much how my cycle works. It's really really annoyingly heavy at first but then it calms down near the end.

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    Unfortunately, quite normal. There are birth control pills that will shorten it, if you believe in taking them. My mother allowed my doctor to put me on them because I was bleeding so heavily.

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    yes it totally normal and it actually good that its happening because after this (it will probably end by tommorrow) you will have a really light flow

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    It most likely is.....yet never take a mom's a pretty good source of comfort. Have you talked to yours?

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