Debunking the Iraq War - pros and cons of the Iraq War - Is it a lawful and justified war?

From all of the questions asked and comments rendered people in America just don't seem to understand or want to believe the truth concerning the Iraq War. Consequently, we will end up murdering millions of innocent people (foreigners) and we, our nation, really does not care. If by doing this our nation brings about World War III an armageddon or war to end all human life on this planet, do our people really care?

Question: Am I correct in my assumption above?

True facts:

1. It is against the law for any US President to declare war on any nation without the consent of Congress. The Bush administration got the funding for the Iraq war from congress and proceeded with the war in 1991.

2. The first Iraq War (1991) as well as the second (2003) and 11 years of sanctions against Iraq is both illegal and criminal. It is, also, unethical and murderous.

3. Our government had set Saddam up and lied about WMD to our nation and to the United Nations in order to secure resolutions,



which Saddam did not violate.

4. In the Fall of 1990, Saddam had agreed to withdraw from Kuwait. And it was our political negotiation firm that had successfully secured Saddam's agreement not only to a withdrawal, but to terms of peace in the Middle East.

If a man cooperates with peace and was never an aggressor, then it is our nation who is in the wrong here.

5. Many people believe that Bush, both Senior and Junior, brought about the Iraq War, to liberate Kuwait and Iraq and that it was President Bush that stood up against aggression in an effort to protect our nation as well as to provide for democracy. Based on this, many people support President Bush (Junior and Senior).

But they are wrong and in grave error. It was my firm that did the negotiation work and if you had the power to make Bush accountable and answer to the people, if you, the general public, also, had the authority to do so as well as the intelligence to judge the President on matters of national security


Update 2:

the Bush administration would continue to lie or avoid questioning. And why?

The Bush administration has always lied about matters concerning Iraq and they are afraid that if they were truthful and open to the American people they could not achieve their set objectives, things that they thought were right. Things that they had planned in secret, without consultation with the many others in the know on the subject.

That the collective Bush administration is guilty of mass murder and violations of the US Constitution and international law.

IF THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT LIKE ME making such statements, he can sue me. But, by doing so he would open himself up to possible prosecution and indictments based on criminal charges of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors punishable by death!

How serious is this, the Iraq War? We have murdered almost two million innocent people from 1991 to 2007. These are people who need not have died!

6. Lastly, it is possible to withdraw from Iraq


Update 3:

immediately without any adverse consequences and without the escalation of terrorism. We were the people on the ground. The first US-Iraq negotiators. We are unbiased and we should know better than anyone else!

Lastly, it is very hard to see and understand why the American people would favor, outright, murder done by our government, the Bush administration, when Americans are supposed to be Christians and good people believing in the goodness of God and believing in the salvation of man.

I am making very good points here and anyone who goes against these statements, principles, and true facts should be identified and exposed to the entire world.

It is not good for people to be troublemakers and agitators. It is not good for people to endorse wrongdoing of any kind. And the biggest wrongdoing, which is condoned by many Americans is the outright and intentional killing of two million Iraqis from 1991 to 2007.

Do you not think that you will not meet your unjust ends as


Update 4:

a nation?

I am not a Democrat. Neither am I a Republican. It was my company that negotiated the withdrawal of Saddam's troops from Kuwait in 1990. We had more information and all of the background particulars on these Middle East nations and had secured the end of this conflict, where our nation did not have to go to war and all of this could have ended long ago. ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU AS AMERICANS WOULD HAVE LIKED TO HAVE SEEN?

Wouldn't you want to know the truth about Iraq or would you rather face a big mushroom cloud in your nation?

Are you guys commenting here stupid or what?

It is good to favor truth and to question your politicians. If you refuse to do such, you are not really good Americans and you are awaiting a final disaster.

From my position and my family's position, we are trying to push for the return of China's Imperial family to China, better government in China, and better relations with the West. We are softly pushing Christianity in China and democracy


Update 5:

for China's 1.3 billion plus people.

Are you posters against this?

First you accuse China of being an evil nation, then when people try to do their best for China by bringing democracy and Christianity or God to China, you guys are against this and beat up on people trying to foster goodness in the world. You, all, should be marked!


If you look above, I do state a question. My question is "Is the Iraq War lawful and justified" With my question, I add comments and observations to put issues before all of you, the general public and not to a select few answering.

As you can see by my subject heading, I am debunking issues and misunderstood "facts" about the Iraq War.

I, also, state in my first paragraph that "America just don't seem to understand or want to believe the truth concerning the Iraq War." This is very important and pertainent to the question as I have observed many people continually making the same ill-reasonings over and over again in this


Update 6:

forum. Due to misinformation, we have murdered millions of innocent people and this illegal and very harmful action continues. Don't you people care? This war can end with our government acting humanely and truthfully! If our government lies (outright) don't you people want a good and honest outcome to the Iraq War ... not only for America, but for humanity and the Iraqi people!

Do we really care?

My question is "Is this war lawful and justified" and everything I expect as a question is contained within the first paragraph.

So that people will understand the question and where I am coming from (that this is not a rant), I do explain what I and my firm have done with respect to this conflict as it matters to the question.

Would you prefer the deaths of millions of innocent people or the carriage of justice against an errant and criminal White House?

Honestly and truly I speak!



a good guy and peace negotiator.


Update 7:



Chelle Mary, there is nothing wrong with truth. This forum was created for simple questions and answers. It was not created as a debate forum. It is difficult to answer everyone's objections and many objections are not truthful. Why though do people persist in lies, especially government lies? You may judge my words. I am not afraid of that, but it is next to impossible to answer everyone's argument here. Not enough space and some of these people continually back lies and refuse to allow for truth to prevail.

Bush and others should be prosecuted. I stand by my words. Bush and others are afraid of truth and do not want to be held accountable.

People posting against me must have some kind of hidden agenda. Wouldn't it be more productive to chastise the President, than to go for small fish?

In a democracy, people can hide the truth and foster murder. Say I shut my mouth and posters posting against me and the President prevailed. What


Update 8:

does this say about a democracy and our nation?


Update 9:

Brucec83, with a bachelor's in economics and business (with a specialty in politics) and masters in taxation, you are looking pretty good. Yet, no international experience or education.


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    i agree with every word you said.

  • BruceN
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    What is the truth? There was a hostile nation which invaded an ally (Kuwait). That nation threatened another ally (Israel). Israel believed Iraq was on the road to being able to deliver SKUDS loaded with chemical or biological weapons. To prevent this, Israel would eventually pre-emptively nuke Iraq. The only way to prevent this was by full cooperation with UN inspectors, but Hussein insisted on playing games. He was like the small kid who threw pebbles at the big kids and eventually the big kids decided to haul off and hit him.

    Wars have occurred for thousands of years, yet no sane person admits to liking them. People care about war intellectually, but few will sacrifice their comfort or pride to avoid them.

    9/11 gave the President the opportunity to attack an enemy. Formal declarations of war are a 19th century concept, that has been used infrequently. The Congress, by appropriating money in effect declared war. The American people generally supported Bush by voting him a second term and have generally supported the war.

    Politicians have always lied (or spun the facts) in order to achieve their purposes. Unlike certain proponents of American Imperialism, the American people want quick results they can believe were moral and justified. They do not like wars and occupations which drag on for decades.

    Ergo. The war was ill-advised, and public sentiment is clearly in favor of an early exit from Iraq, but it was neither illegal nor unethical (in so far as any war can be ethical).

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    The president did not declare war on Iraq nor did congress. Congress gave authority to use force. This is important because we were acting under the declaration of the U.N. which had given authority to any member of the security council to use force to enforce the sanctions they had set including the deposition of Saddam Hussein.

    The first was also at the behest of the U.N.. Iraq had unlawfully invaded a sovereign nation for the sole purpose of conquest. This is a violation of international law.

    All nations believed Saddam had the weapons and their intelligence was nearly the same as ours.

    We were not the only country that built Saddam. France and Germany were responsible for much of his later armament and some in violation of sanctions placed by the U.N..

    But it was fitting that it be the U.S. that took out the mad dog.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your "facts" are nothing of the sort. They are ridiculous propaganda. In fact it is essentially the same propaganda that the Democrats used against Lincoln during the Civil War.

    Democrats are utterly amazing in that they continue to make exactly the same mistakes.

    The problem is that the democratic propaganda against Lincoln worked to a degree and it took a hundred years from the time Republicans presented the first civil rights bill to finally get a civil rights bill through Congress and signed by the President.

    The Democratic rhetoric is not designed to stop the Iraq War any more than it was designed to change the results of the Civil War. The Democratic rhetoric is designed to oppress people.

    Democratic rhetoric has never been anything more or less than a propagandistic call for the oppression of people based on, religion, politics and/or race.

    It is my sincere hope that people are more educated, communicate more and have better access to resources such as the Congressional record and historical documents that they can eventually see through this Demophyte propaganda and force the Democrats to disband ending once and for all the US political history of political oppression.

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    I'm of the opinion, it's not only USA that doesn't care. Definately not justified, not with so much loss of innocent lives, and not just the Iraq people, it's all $$$$$$$$ cheers.

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    Keep "ranting" it gives me the chance to see not only your opinion, also the answers that try to counter the info you give out. It gives me, an uneducated person with a curious mind, the chance to form my own conclusions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it is...I am not waiting for more of your contd BS...This isn't even a question, it's just a rant of your opinion. My opinion was expressed in a lot fewer words.

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