What other things do you guys see coming in style/fashion rock or hip hop be specific?

For example True Religion and Seven of all Mankind jeans are popular...and kicking the baggy jeans to the curb. Ed Hardy shirts are toning down..especially the skull shirts..

Polos are back in but never really went out...the vintage polo is in...for women...well the syles change rapidly..and boots made a big impact this season.What do yall think?? Beads instead of bling has been kind of popular as of lately also.


You are right there is a new article about crew of kids in NYC that worship the 80's on the new Vibe mag you are so right!!! they have on beads,acid wash jeans,tight jeans,African medallions, I wish I could find one of those coca-cola shirts but no fanny packs .HAHA

Update 2:

Hey posters tell what city you are in when you explain what people wear in Hip hop and Rock.

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    a lot of stuff from the 80s is coming back. skinny jeans, ponytails to the side, a lot of bright colors in assesories, nail polish, and hair. the i'm different but an individual and creative look like kelis used to have it is coming back. afros to. look at the stuff rihannia and lil mama are rocking. even avril lavigne. all the rocker stuff is coming back heavy. skull shirt, beads, mohawks, all the real cool stuff is coming back. multi colored hair and hand bags. all this fantastic stuff is coming back. i love it.

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    Thank the Lord when the baggy jeans disappear. Does the meaning in NYC define that those baggy jeans represent that a guy is ready to get with another guy within prison?

    I also hope for a new attitude amongst our young, that their eyes be opened up to what society/government and politics have been promoting. I don't mean the pacifying things that they put out there, but the subliminal. Stop watching the negative side of yourself and community which they show and talk about 24/7. You are letting them (society/gov/polit)

    write your history and future. Is this really how you want to go down? Your "GAME, GANG" plan has not been working. Make a change towards the "POSITIVE and BETTER" way of LIFE. Prove to yourself first that you are better and worth being respected.

    The sweaters they call HOODIES and the community you live in, the HOOD, are just a cover-up for what's truly within, and that is a "SPIRIT" of LOVE. Don't be afraid to show the love for and about yourself. RAISE UP and take a stance of CHANGE, because YOU CAN.


  • Of course dude. Skinny Jeans are awesome I only have about a million pairs :p. And I got lots of beads too. I think that the 80's looks are coming back like the leg warmers and leggings.

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    Style of wearing dependson the ageofpersons, some folowsome body else's dressing to compete And some simple as that.

    Source(s): It's for popularity some get dressed !
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