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What does your six month old eat?

I would like to know what most six month old babies eat and how often?

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    they will eat whatever will fit in their mouths. keep them away from the garbage bins.

  • My children are over 6 months, but this is what I did when they were small: I would give them a jar of fruit (sometimes mixed with cereal or granola) for breakfast. A vegetable for lunch, and a vegetable or pasta for supper. I would give both of them bottles (or breastfeed) on demand during the day( or night!!). I gave both of them cheerios as soon as they could pick them up (my daughter was about 7 months). I have always tried to make my children's food as normal and like my meals even when they were babies. They are now 2 and 5 and eat very well!!

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    My nieces and nephews at that age would eat mashed up potatoe,s and some vegetables like carrots, peas, but some of the time they,d still be on their own rice feeds too in between, so for breakfast it would be their banana cereal, with lunch a rice feed, and then dinner their potato and veg, but we always gave them a taste of everything, small portion,s of course, just to get them used to the taste, they would be fed every four hours or a little under with their bottles too.

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    My son who is now eight months had baby rice cereal every morning when he was 6months followed by his morning bottle 220mls then at lunch time i would give him a dessert apple dessert or custard etc followed by a juice bottle a milk bottle 210mls when put down for a sleep then in the afternoon his dinner he would have mashed vegetables/meat eg pumpkin/potatoes/carrotts/peas/brocolli/lamb/beef etc etc then before he went down to sleep at night he would hae a milk bottle 210mls Also throughout the day he would suck on milkarrott biscuits he loved them when he was teething and tething rusks

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    the finished thought of toddler nutrition is to introduce one merchandise at a time. the priority with casseroles, etc. is that there are distinctive components, so if the toddler has an hypersensitivity, you will no longer understand which one toddler is allergic to. Plus, at 6 or 7 mos, your toddler won't be able to feed him/herself. you're feeding them. in addition they can't chew yet--they swallow meals total on the commencing up, it is why you introduce point a million it is enormously much liquid so as that they get used to the feel, and then pass directly to 2nd and third meals and then solids. toddler won't be able to consume total products of fruit or sandwiches or roasts. you could feed toddler what you're feeding to an quantity--you purely would desire to make confident to throw it in a nutrition processor or blender till it is liquidy. back, introduce a million nutrition at a time with 3 or 4 days in between them so which you recognize what toddler's allergic to.

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