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okay today morning for breakfast i have eaten 1 small sausage, a boiled egg, cottage cheese muffin, yoghurt, a bannana pancake and an apple stuffed pancake, is that too much for a breakfast? i wasant active today and i have eaten 2 apples and green tea for lunch and going to the italian restaurant soon, is it okay to have pasta with creamy sause and bekon or will it be too much? if yes what should i eat?

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    Don't listen to the people above me, you're not going to blow up and gain 20 lbs from ONE day of good eating.

    But make a slight alteration to your meal. Get red sauce instead of Alfredo sauce on your pasta. It's lighter and less calorie-dense.

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    holy crap thats A LOT for breakfast, eat what you want at the restraunt, but don't make this mistake twice!

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    After that breakfast I would forgo the restaurant today.You have ate your calories for today and tomorrow.

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    that is a whole lot to eat for could become really fat in any minute. if you're gonna eat in the restaurant, then you should eat healthy..

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