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Why do some Buddhists and Hindus agree with animal testing?

I have to do this for a Religious Studies essay.

Please just give me some ideas.

I know why they are against it but not why they agree with it sometimes.

Thanks x

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    I don't know for sure, but this may help.

    Karma and Reincarnation: (i believe in neither the way they do)

    Karma must be paid to go to a better life. So to kill an animal early stips it having the chance to develop ... but testing makes it suffer (pay more Karma). If the test doesn not kill, I assume they would agree to it.

    Lower life forms reincarnate into higher beings after they pay Karma and die. The testing would help the process.

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    No Buddhist can justify support of animal testing with any Buddhist doctrine or teaching. If they do, it's their own opinion.

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    The same reason that christians agree with human testing.

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    Because hindus belives that some animals are gods and avatars.

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    buddists n hindus basically resides nearby. so may be due to intellectual thinking

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    pay back

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