Foreigner meeting filipino parents for first time.?

I will meet my filipina gf parents for first time soon. Any etiquete I should follow?

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    Show them respect, and let them know you've nothing but best intentions for their daughter. A gift for the parents wouldn't hurt.

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    1) Just be yourself. They will show more respect towards you than anything else.

    2) Do show them respect too of course. There is a tradition of bringing their hand up to your forhead and bowing slightly. They will love you if you do this.

    3) And yes... they love gifts. Don't overdo it though - just something like chocolates will do. If you give them too much money, sometimes it will cause jelousy and fights within the family.


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    get them talking about themselves. take many deep breaths. smile as much as possible, even if the comments are incomprehensible. if you're only going to get in dutch with them anyway, it's better to bug 'em with silence than with testaments. this is not an ocassion to maintain one's diet, so eat lots of the food they cook. complements are all very well but what your prospective mother-in-law wishes to see out of you is second helpings on your plate. try to keep the gravy off the front of your shirt. Remember though, fellow traveler down the matrimonial endeavor that well could last and last and last, she is feeding you to gain a grip on you! So be a man, my dear fellow, and march right in there and marry that girl!

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    don't ask your girl friend!!!

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