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Lacrosse - NLL. What is a transition player ?

Hi. In Nll there are some players who are forwards, defensemens and transitions. I'm not english-native speaker and I don't understand what is a transition player ?

It is a player who can play offense and defense ?


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    a transition player is a player on the defensive team , who has the ability to grab a loose ball in the defensive zone control the ball ,until the floor is set up then makes the decision to run the floor ,lead breakaway pass , or a game slowdown will score. can defend as well as check .very unnoticed before the 30 second clock this performance was done by wingers and a few teams had large ball control defencemen .closest comparrison point gaurd college basketball not pro hope this was of some help to you . box lacrosse will always be the fastest game on two feet .

    Source(s): played box from late 1940s till 1981 . even made a few dollars in three pro adventures all were a mel brooks film starring the marx brothers a true book no person unless they were would belive the stories enjoy the game i think user id is a give away
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