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16 year old shy guys please!!! : )?

There's this shy guy who I like an I know that at least at one tim ehe's liked me.......Over the past few months there have been signals to show that he likes me e.g. He would always be where I hang out lunch times. This would happen some days and others it was nearlly like he was ignoring me : (

This week I had been practising for a concert so he hadn't seen me for 2 days. When he was waiting outside to go into the concert my friend said that when I passed him (so I was right next to him) he didn't know where to look . Then apparently when I was playing in the orchestra my friend said that she heard one of his friends say 'that's and then my name.'

Then like 2 days after that he was looking at me from accross the room (and he sat like so that he'd be facing me from the other side of the room.)


Then he came over to wher me and my friend were siting and he asked me if he could have the chair next to me (tio take to his friends on the table right next to us) where they were poker. He just sat there and didn't play (I think (I had the feeling that he looked at me.))

Yesterday he was like 'ignoring' ,e al day and at the end of the day my friend said that he was just standing in hios classroom like he was waiting for someone and as soon as we passed he came out of the room and was walking behind us (we were going the same way.)

Does he like me??

Update 2:

no this will seem PATHETIC lol but would it be a good idea to give him a Christmas card??

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    As a shy guy with a few years perspective I can tell you the following:

    - he is attracted to you

    - he doesn't know what to say or how to say it.

    - he doesn't know how to start a relationship slowly - finding out if you'd make good friends first. He needs help there.

    - Here's the rough part - he doesn't know enough about himself to know whether he is attracted to you because of the unique person you are, or whether it is a general longing for someone, anyone.

    A Christmas card is a good first step to let him know you know who he is. Be ready to provide clues about what the next step should be. Also be ready for puzzling and contradictory actions as he starts to discover how he THINKS he should react and how he actually reacts in a relationship.

    Best of luck!

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    yeah he defiantly likes you. He just doesnt know how to approach you. So if you like him back help him out. Talk to him when he is near you next, or involve him in a convosation that you and your friends are having. It will help him feel a bit more relaxed and you will get to know him alot better.

    As for the Christmas card go for it... he will love it i can guarantee it.. you could maybe also get him a small pressie too

    Hope everything works out well for you.. and have a lovely Christmas :)

    By the way.... your question is exactly me :P

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    i think giving him an x-mas card is a great idea. also, in

    the card you may wish to expresss some kind sentiments

    how you feel about him. good luck.

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    Encourage him. He's shy. He's still young and lack experience.

    The big worry in his mind is that you will reject him. You can "let it be known" that you will never be cruel to somebody who ask you out.

    Good Luck

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    go to tht guy tell him exactly whatever u feel 4 him and den let the result be decided by the god ....this is d best way out belive me .... do it

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    those cards are for everyone, sure. Sounds like he is un-awaringly being manipulative, or trying to.

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    he likes you but is not sure whether you like him, He is also not bold enough ( because he is also very young as you are ) to express it loudly. So go ahead if you like him.

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    He is a psycho

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    Sure, he likes you.

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    talk to him

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