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whar is the meaning of existence of marriage?

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  • Marla
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    1 decade ago
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    Originally, marriage was a social and society thing.Everyone was expected to get married.It was to get recognition from people, the king & the queen or the government.

    The purpose?

    To gain political or social status.

    That how it was when it started.

    Now, I would say marriage is more an emotional thing.These days, is not an obligation and you're not expected as much to do it.It varies by people.

    The meaning of existence of marriage?

    To some people, it doesn't mean anything.

    Recognition of love, social pressure or status.

    Whatever it is,people make it up to whatever they want it to be.

  • lala
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    1 decade ago

    The meaning of marriage take its existence in a everyday situation of the life of two persons who love each other

  • Anonymous
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