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Questions for anyone who has been on NCL's Spirit?

I just recently fully recovered from an eating disorder and am now going on a cruise this winter. I am a bit stressed about the food on the cruise so i was hoping i could get answers to these questions to help ease my mind and prepare myself. Any other info on the food on Spirit is helpful as well.

What time is breakfast served?

Are cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit available everyday for breakfast?

If so, where at?

If so, what kinds of cereals do they have?

What time is lunch served?

Are salads, sandwiches/subs, yogurt, fruit available everyday for lunch?

If so, where at?

If so, what kinds of salads and sandwiches/subs?

Are reservations necessary for dinner?

If so, how and when to make them?

What time is dinner served?

What kinds of foods/drinks are we allowed to bring on the ship?


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    Yes, I have been on the Spirit several times & always had a great time. The answer to your food questions is the buffet. Cereals they have the assorted boxes by General Mills. Fruits and toast everyday.

    Salads is a make your own with a choice of 6 dressings, sandwiches & subs everyday.

    Reservations only needed in the seciality rest.

    The Buffet officially opens at 7am however they do not say anything if you come in from the stern side(back of ship).

    Soda & water are fine as they serve coke, diet coke, gingerale. Food they only thing I saw people bring aboard was candy bars & some snacks. However they offer a big selection of these and you can take what you want.

    There is a phone list in your cabin and everyday you will recieve a newsletter with phone numbers.

    Enjoy. A great ship.

    Buffet on deck 11 with a nice sitting area right behind the buffet. On deck 12 foward pass the barber shop & dance floor a nice sitting area with big chairs and lots of windows. If interested on the left side of dance floor you will see a brass rail which leads you down behind the bridge & also has the history of the ship.

  • I have been on the NCL Spirit and about 8 other NCL ships/cruises and here's what you need to know. There are multiple options for breakfast and all of your other meals. First, there is ALWAYS 24 hour room service and you can order whatever is on the menu for the mealtime. No charge, just tip the person who brings it maybe a couple of dollars. The breakfast menu will have several types of cereal, fruit, eggs, juices, milk, coffee, tea, etc.

    The second option is the ship's buffet area called Raffles (opens about 7:00Am until about 10:00Am for breakfast) where you can get several types of cold cereal, a variety of fruit (both peal your own like bananas, apples, oranges) and prepared fruits like diced canalope, honey dew, and pineapple, peaches, pears, grapefruit sections, and prunes. So you can eat fruit in the buffet or take unpeeled fruit to your cabin for when you want it (just grab a soup bowl and fill it) Your cabin will have a mini-refrig so you can store fruit and yogurt in your cabin for when you want it.

    The third option for food is the main dining room which is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sit down, order from a menu style. But some days the main dining room may not be open for lunch.

    Among all of the eating places they will have pretty much any and everything you want. Generally there is a huge salad bar where you can make it any way you want.

    Reservations are not needed for dinner in the main dining rooms, but if you want to eat early or have a table for two I suggest that you make reservations (just pick up the phone in your cabin, or go to the restaurant). On our last NCL cruise a few months ago we could make reservations for only 2 days at a time. Reservations ARE REQUIRED or highly recommended for the specialty restaurants.

    The main restriction that NCL has on bringing drinks onto the ship is ABSOLUTELY NO alcoholic beverages may be brought on board (neither beer nor wine either). BUT, you can bring a small number of soft drinks and bottled water. I usually take a six-pack of bottled water and a six pack of soft drinks on board in my carry-on bag. As far as chips, nuts, fruit it should be no problem as long as it is in your carry-on bag and will fit through the scanner that all carry-ons go through as you board the ship.

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    You can pretty much eat anytime, anywhere, anything on a cruise ship! There is always fruit, yogurt, salads available somewhere or other. Dinner (and all meals, actually) is whenever you want. There are several dining room choices and most you don't need a reservation for- only the steak, sushi, French, Italian specialty places that have a charge also.

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    as far as being on ncl. before all the food is basically the same but if you want to have plain food or bland food all you have to do is look on the menus . they try very hard to make sure there are things every one can eat. - like no salt - no butter- no milk and no - sugar. - as far as cereals go there are many kinds to choose from they come in small boxes and they also have hot one too like farina and oatmeal. than you ask about reservation. they only take them in the specialty dinning rooms and most likely you have to have a party or 6 or more. also go onto their websites and you can ask or e mail all the question you like. also i will give you an email address of the guy who did our he is out of az. and he did not care what things we asked him he even sent us a pic.of himself for a end of the yr. letter.his name is tom- here is his e mail address at ncl.tcutrera@ncl.com tell him your friends from ct. gave you his e mail and recommend him .good luck.

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    Wow - that's a lot of questions! But you can find all those answers [or ask for ones you don't get] at CruiseCritic.com. Click on "Boards" at the top of the page, then "Norwegian Cruise Lines". There are lots of other boards there to answer any of your questions about cruising, and the posters are very friendly and eager to help.

    Have fun!

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