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what is a good temp for a hotwater heater w/dual thermostats?

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    I'm thinking Jeff never held his hand in 140 degree water, that's hot enough to scald dishes in a dishwasher and is the recommended setting if you have one and no young chidren or elderly people in the home. Most electric units come set from the factory at the 125 degree temp. This is usually hot enough for a decent shower and to wash clothes or hands or whatever, without having to worry about burns to undersensitive skin. Water heaters with dual elements are controlled first by the upper thermostat, which runs the upper element first to heat the water in the top of the tank, then shuts it down, when it reaches it's target temp, and turns on the bottom element. They don't work at the same time. It's called a non-simultaneous system. That way it can work on a #10 wire with a 30 amp fuse, breaker system. Both elements on at the same time would require approx. a 50 amp breaker.

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    Depends on if you have a dishwasher that needs hotter water or a preheat on your dishwasher. Standard temp is set at 125 F from factory but if set higher for dishwasher also be cautious for bathing babies. The hotter setting (140) really helps clean dishes which people do not realize.

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    Around 140 *, but actually if I had more info, like how many bathrooms & how many people are in your home, then I could tell you something more detailed.

    But 140 is good to get the longest life out of the hot water heater.

    Source(s): We run a plumbing business.
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    Don't know about dual, but single is around 60/c or 140/f then you won't scald yourself.

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