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Attitude is something that we think we don't have? Don't u think only others have to tell us whether we have?

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    de@r gEntLe m@n,

    Yes, I agree with you.

    Attitude is such a thing that sometimes we are not aware of. We think that we don't have attitude and we are like very good human beings.

    But sometimes that's not the thing. Sometimes we are not aware that we have attitude. And we can only come to know about that if some others say us.

    Others are aware whether we have attitude or not because they have an intercation with us and they can better judge us because of our actions.We always look ourselves to be the best no matter what.

    We don't want to see our mistakes and when others point out our mistakes we simply shout at them, insult them or abuse them with bad words instead of realizing our own mistakes.

    Attitude is such a thing which every one has. Some has in a huge quantity whereas some have little. So its better to accept that we have attitude, as others can better judge whether we have attitude or not then .... :) dreamz...bye....

    *****eVerY bOy !z mY brOthEr ExcEpT thE 1 fOr mY$eLf...*****.

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    everyone has an attitude whether its bad or good only someone who knows them very closely should tell them wich they have i dont think someone can tell other people they do or dont have an attitude beacuse they're trying to change themselves

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    Others may notice such things better than ourselves. However, we may tell such things ourselves by noticing the reactions of the others around us...

  • Anonymous
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    we all have attiude weather it's good or bad is up to you!

    sometimes we don't notice it because we are to selfish and go by the saying

    treat people how you want to be treated

    for instance i like to have my head bashed against the wall so that means you must like that too! :) see how selfish that is!

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  • 1 decade ago

    ya we thik so but the other people admire it

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