Halo 3 Help Please (Single Player)?

On Halo 3, My mission is "Rescue Marines In The Barracks".

I have been stuck on this part for quite a while now.

Its where I have to get past that long hall-thing with a load of monsters. Heres a pic of the place I mean...


Ok, so can anyone tell me how to get past it?


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    As soon as you run in, there's a Grav Lift near those trucks. Grab it and jump to the top level, there's two rooms on either side of the hallway. One has tons of Battle Rifle ammo (left room), the other has tons of Shotgun ammo (right room). If you just poke your head out and shoot someone, they'll run at you and you can just shotgun them to a simple death. Eventually the leader guy will run at you with his Gravity Hammer, then you really need to just use a BR because hammer > shotgun. And always aim for the head!

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    What difficulty level are you playing on? It shouldn't be too hard if you just keep an eye on their movements and get some headshots in. Take advantage of the Battle Rifle's zoom. Sure it's not a true sniper weapon, but I find it's good for this area.

    Try to take them out from a distance too. If you wander too far from the door you came through, it will close. Stick close to the door, and you can head back to pick up ammo. That's what I do. Especially useful if you're playing on a harder difficulty. If you can kill off most of them that way, the stragglers shouldn't give you too much trouble. Just watch out for any Brutes going beserk.

    If they use the Regeneration equipment, wait for it to end before attacking anything standing near it, or you'll waste ammo.

    Make good use of any grenades you have too.

    That's just my way of getting through it. Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Played that too many times! ^^;
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    Nope... Campaign is the only single player mode.

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    Just shoot, there's nothing else you can do?

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