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My landlord/neighbor's cat is leaving animals @ my front door. How can I stop this?

Out of nowhere, his cat (who's been around for almost a yr now) has decided right in front of my door is the best place to leave his catch. Started w/ a adult squirrel then a young one.

My husband & I have done nothing to/for the cat except to yell for it to get out of the way of our cars (which it used to do on its own, but just recently decided to run in front of instead of away from!). So there isn't a reason for it to consider us it's family.

Indoors is not an option (cat not mine & his dogs would kill it), it won't stay in his "cat yard," he's gone through too many collars too quickly to consider bells. It is a sick thing to find when coming home from work in the morning and you have to move it before you can get the front door open.

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    Awwww ... that's so cute! He's leaving you gifts!

    I know when my cats bring me something I thank them, pet them on the head and when they're not looking ... I toss it.

    It's a dead animal, suck it up and throw it out. There really is very little you can do aside from getting rid of the cat (might not be a chance you want to take) or talking to your landlord about it.

    You could move but that's rather extreme and probably isn't an option.

    The only other thing? Wait it out and deal with it. The cat won't do it forever, just as quickly as it started so will it end. That's how cats work.

    In the mean time, avoid being nice to the cat. Don't pet it and don't even pay it any attention at all. If you see it on your stoop spray it with water to let it know it's not welcome there. Make it dislike you and it will stop bringing you treats.

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    Can you explain to them that allowing their Cat outdoors to 'hunt' like that can make their Cat sick?To me,putting your Kitty outside is equivalent to abandoning it.My friend continually let her Kitties out,and accidentally ran two of them over with her car.But I would have a sit down with these folks and explain your concerns,do they realize what you have to go through,or are they insensitive?If you don't want to say anything,and I can understand why you wouldn't,call the local Humane Society and say there is a Kitty around that you are afraid is going to get hurt from being in your driveway.You can do this anonymously,of course.Don't put too much stress on him leaving his kills on your porch-just state your concerns over his health from this activity,and being outdoors constantly.I mean, who gets a Cat ,and then doesn't look to it's welfare?

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    What is cute about this to me is who the cat considers to be his master.You say he belongs to the landlord....the cat thinks he belongs to you.My tom cat will kill a bird and bring it to the front door.Snakes too.He is doing what cats do and he is proud of his accomplishment.He brings em home to show you what he has done.My neighbor's cat does the same thing,to her.

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    Personally I'd keep some napkins and take the bodies over to teh owner's home and place them there.

    The things are already dead, it's just up to you where to put them. The garbage or the owner's property. (Don't put them in the mailbox though, that's illegal).

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    call animal control they will set up a live trap and trap the cat and bring it back to the shelter. a few times of having to bail him out will teach him that he NEEDS to have his cat on HIS PROPERTY.

    ALL animals HAVE to be on their owners property at ALL times. if not on their property, the MUST be CONTROLLED on a LEASH.

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    he is leaving u presents he likes u trying to make peace with u it is gross but he likes u

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    You should be honored!!

    He is saying "see I am a good hunter, are you proud of me?"

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