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Anyone heard of them?

Anyone heard of the Australian band The Blaqk Year? Their only 14 or 15 years old! Their really good. If you want to listen to their music check them out at

Their really good. Anyone know how I could get their cd? I'm not sure if they sell it in the US? Help me if you can!!!!

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    well i never heard of them till now but they are really good, i just checked them out, wow for 14 and 15 year old they are amazing. I don't think you could get a cd now cause it says there album is only out now, December 2007 and i doubt it'll be on full release everywhere now...maybe in a year or so...or you could ask them to post u one =]

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    nope, sorry havent heard of them. you will probably have to have their cd shipped to where ever you are. why not send them a message on their Space and ask them. lol

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