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What do you think about the teachings of my cult?

(Paragraph 1) Eli intelligently designed us all. God is a cosmic energy field in space some billions of light years away. This cosmic energy field has no beginning nor will it have an ending. This energy field is made up of different types and forms of energy. The energy field is all knowing and for some aspects of its energy is in everything.

(Paragraph 2)Have you heard of the big bang theory? According to the big bang the universe was created between ten billion and 20 billion years ago. This cosmic energy field to whom all praise is due to caused and gave the energy for the big bang. In fact there is evidence of Eli for energy can never be created nor can it be destroyed. Well, this supreme cosmic energy field is God and God is this cosmic energy field in space.

(Paragraph 3)How can matter and energy be created? Well, I tell you it cannot god in which is the cosmic energy field always was and always is for he is the alpha and the omega.

(Paragraph 4)Now after the most high created the planets he sent apart of his energy to our planets (and others) to create life for energy is life and life is energy. The first energy he sent to our planet created Mother Nature in the bible it is referred to as angels. Mother nature is a cosmic energy field in various parts of earth and mother nature grants us with bad weather when we has humans do bad deeds. And blesses us with good weather when we as humans to good deeds.

(Paragraph 5)Then, God sent more energy to our planet and organic molecules formed where ever the most high’s energy was sent. The the almighty God sent a more energy powerful energy and took the energy from the organic molecules and formed plant life. Then, Mother Nature took some of its energy and created the sun. Then, the almighty took the energy from plants and organic molecules and took a energy that was only in his energy field and fused them together creating bug life. And the most high gave each creature one a certain energy ying or yang to determine their sex.And the oh so mighty great energy field (To whom all praise is due to) followed the same pattern as followed organic molecules,plants,bugs,animals then he created us. . Each life form from organic molecules planets bugs and animals all have the energy of adaption .So that what ever mother nature may inflict on them or humans inflict on them they can adapt to the climate and survive. We as humans have different types of energy within us and energy never dies.


martina you are you so ignorant you dont no Eli is another word for lord and said in the bible over 5 times. Study before you say im going to "hell"

Update 2:

Maria are you a ignorant ? must be Eli is another way of saying god infact Eli is said in the bible more than 5 times.

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    Sorry mate think you been on the bong again.

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    I looked into this website, its a sham. Eli did not design us. You will go to hell for saying this and promoting or believing in such untruths. I hope I have put you back in the path that God created all.

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    Make more sense than the christian belief.

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