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Non-Genuine Windows XP Product Keys Purchase????

i Brought the computer and it came with window XP, in the past i update the window and pass the window validation. but today i suddenly get a pop up that say my window did not pass the window validation.

i want to know how is it possible and how can i pass the validation without buying anything.


i forgot to mention that when i buy the computer it is suppose to be windows vista but i ask the shop owner to help me change the windows to windows XP.

i got the vista CD but not the XP CD

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    If the computer has a Windows COA sticker on the case, or if you received a CD with a sticker attached to the cover, then you are using a valid version.

    Windows has been tweeking the validation tool to try to stop some of the hackers that have cloned valid Keys to be able to sell illegal copies of Windows. You have no doubt run into this issue because your KEY is close to one of the cloned keys out there.

    You can call Microsoft activation support and you can have them give you a new Activation Code which will reactivate your copy. IT does take about 30 to 45 minutes to get through the various levels of 'stupid' that Microsoft has to get to the tech that can actually create a new activation key.

    To get the number, you should have had a link in the notice window that was to activate your copy of windows, or to get a legal key. Look for the phone number, 1-800 or 1-888 to call Microsoft. Explain to them that you bought the computer and that it came loaded with Xp and that you have the COA on the case or certificate. Insist at every instance that it is a legal copy and that you own it. They often will try to trick you into saying you are not sure if it is legal, in which case they will insist you have to buy a new license. You do not have to, just keep insisting it is legal and you want it activated.

    They will then have you read a very long string of numbers to them, which is generated by the activation program on your machine. It gives them information through an algorithm of the hardware that is in your machine, but will not give them personal info. They will then read a very long string of numbers back to you that you have to enter into a window on your computer. Once this is done, your copy will activate and will pass the genuine windows test from now on. Make sure you make them repeat each series of numbers back to you, and that you are sure you typed them in exactly as they said, so that your copy activates the first time. One mis-typed or transposed set of numbers, and you have to start over from the beginning.

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    you brought a pc which cam with xp doesnt mean it is a genuine xp. if your pc came with a genuine xp you will see a licence logo on your pc somewhere pasted. if it is there then you can mail to microsoft for your problem. with your purchase details if available. i am not sure but may be your vender was copying your xp to other purchasers also, so may be microsoft had blocked that key as genuine. i also dont know microsoft have ever did this earlier or not.

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    i will't provide you abode windows 7 actual key....yet, i ought to furnish you a tricks to make abode windows 7 actual.....stick to The Bellow coaching...... initiate menu >> All Programms >> upload-ons >> Command instantaneous .... write The be conscious -> slmgr -dli then ok it Run as Administrator The Command instantaneous Now, write The be conscious -> slmgr -rearm then ok it restart Your laptop and abode windows would be actual.

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