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What are some good cheats for HALO 1 ?


looking for Halo cheats for the PC .

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    Cheat to Access All Halo Levels

    Access All Levels


    1. From Halo, select Profiles and create a new profile eg All_Levels

    2. From Windows, locate the 'checkpoints' directory for the newly created profile. You will find this in the My Documents folder,


    D:\Documents and Settings\...\My Documents\My Games\Halo\savegames\All_Levels\checkpoints

    3. In this directory create a text file called checkpoint0.sav with the following text




    4. Repeat the previous step until you have 10 files named checkpoint0.sav ... checkpoint9.sav

    and for each file change the first number on the first line to indicate the level ie

    0 The Pillar of Autumn

    1 Halo

    2 The Truth and Reconciliation

    3 The Silent Cartographer

    4 Assault on the Control Room

    5 343 Guilty Spark

    6 The Library

    7 Two Betrayals

    8 Keyes

    9 The Maw

    eg for 'The Maw' level you will have a file called checkpoint9.sav with the following text:




    5. From Halo, select Campaign and Load Game. You should now have access to all the main game levels.

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