what can you get for free?

Like today almost everything has a price... We work to buy things and bills. what is priceless??

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    smiles and library books

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    I can get free air. free sunshine, free flowers in the garden, free smiles in the street, free greetings, morning, afternoon, night, free music over the radio, free sightseeings, free rides from enighborhood, free film viewing,free praying, free gestures, free aprreciations... many in fact that do not entail money........its all in the way you relate to your surroundings and the people around..but emotions? free kisses and hugs from loved ones, free listening to problems, free advising to friends, free joing in youtrh programs..fre counselling........see there are levels even of free encounter of people and they give a lot whole value to relationships...these are priceless..material things? oh well yes we pay for the services rendered as we get paid for the services we do for people, it is just a matter of give and take? ok???anything else free? answering your question is from my freewill and an opportunity.....And ohhhhhh.........the best things in life are free............nice Q!

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    Gods love to think positive, to be happy and to do things in life for to feel good.

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  • Ash
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    The Expired Milk...lol !

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    DreamLady,...When you go for a walk,All the sceanery is free,And 'll tell you what I'll throw in nature with the birds!!,....freebird,Jemmy.

    Source(s): Mmmm,....Could say,but maybe not,...ou can get STDs and get mugged for free,....Who says life is a free lunch!!
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    taken from the movie, Ray, starring oscar winner jamie foxx, "the only thing free in this life is Jesus."

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    (we'll, not really to some ppl, but i think it's priceless)

  • True love

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A business card!

    Source(s): birds brain
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