where can I find an ankle brace to cushion everyday impact?

I broke my talus over 35 years ago, and it sometimes gets inflamed and swells. I can't walk and the pain is throbbing and intense. I am looking for a brace that goes up past my knee, and takes the pressure off my ankle while I do my work and everyday activities. Please help, Thank you.

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    Any drug store and most grocery stores will carry ankle braces of varying types. I've suffered from an ankle injury myself since I was 12 and I found that wearing a brace daily really helped. Have you tried online? Perhaps something like this?

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    Personally I would see Medical advise! 35 year old injuries can catch up with us in later life and the swelling, inflammation might be something else and nothing to do with the injury. I hit my pinkie toe off the chair leg and went OUCH. The following day the pinkie toe was normal, but the side of the foot by my heel and ankle were purple? Odd? Off to the Doc who examined me and then asked about past injuries. Yes I had broken that ankle what 30 years ago! Seems the impact of stubbing the toe caused the old ankle injury to flare, so I ended up in plaster! Nothing broken, not even the pinkie toe, but they were not going to risk further damage to the ankle, so plaster. Good Luck

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    Rather than a brace may I suggest a firm arch support (you can get them at Happy feet) It corrects your arch there by correcting the bone positions in your foot.

    I developed foot problems about 10 years ago and was able to correct them completely with the hard molded arch support.

    They are about $70. now and go into any closed shoes.

    I have used mine for 10 years and they are machine washable in the laundry. Actually presently my husband is using them as he developed Plantars Fasciitis from walking (We walk a couples of miles a night) but he got brave and started jogging and we are really to old to start that now.) The muscle in the bottom of the foot from toe to heel becomes enflamed and you can barely walk. His main pain is in his heel.

    Icing (very good), Ibuprofen (relieves inflammation and swelling) and the arch support can make a real difference.

    Good Luck I hope you find a good solution.

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