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What dose childhood meen to you?

whats the best memory from your childhood?

whats the worst momory from yoyr childhood

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    *****It means, fun, innocence, and no responsibilities. When I think back to when I was a kid, the thing that pops into my head as being the most outstanding, is having family Barbeque's on the weekends, out by our pool, while the neighbor kids and I swam all day. I can even remember the smells of the food on the grill, and the Chlorine on our skin. I had such a wonderful childhood, and the best parents in the world. What comes to mind when I think of the "unhappy" times, was being picked on by bullies. I was always a very polite, happy, mild mannered girl, and I didn't want to fight or argue with anyone. All kids have had to deal with bullies at some point, and I surely did, but I had no clue how to stand up to them. I really never fought back (till I got older) and that gave them even more of a reason to keep doing it. I just remember not wanting to go to school, cause I was afraid of what they would say, or do. Most of my childhood was great though, and I definitely wouldn't have traded it for the world*****.

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    Meaning: Adventure

    Best Memory: Going hiking or on road trips with just my dad.

    Worst memory: I had really liked this boy in middle school (6th grade) and I wrote him a letter to tell him how I felt. The plan was to give it to him on the last day of school (the school year was getting ready to end before he transferred into our school) before he got on the bus, that way if he read it and didn't like me back he would have to leave anyway so he wouldn't miss the bus. Anyway I looked for him all that day with the letter waiting in my locker and at the end of the day I still didn't see him so I waited until after all the buses left and then sadly went home. I never gatherd the courage again to tell him how I felt through the next few years. Come to find out later in highschool after reconnecting with eachother (we grew apart in middle school and had different groups of friends) he did like me back but was also afraid of rejection and never told me how he felt. By highschool he was already in love with his girlfriend of 4 years. We have always wondered what could have been. But now we are both married with kids and still friends. SO I guess the memory had a happy ending after all. I still think he is cute though, it's just now things are different and I am not afraid to speak my mind anymore.

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    Worst memory being bullied constantly all the way through primary school.

    Best memory,moving to ireland,getting away from those jerks and being able to start a whole new life for my self.

    So yeah my childhood sucked,but its not quite over yet,and i intend to live life to the full and just be me.Who cares what everyone else thinks?

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    Your childhood should be a very fun innocent time in your life. You should be carefree.

    My best childhood memories are of my family spending time together doing the things we love. One of my favorite memories was of mom, dad, and myself going sledding..That was a hoot to see my mom on a toboggan!

    I didn't have many bad childhood memories. Maybe being sick in the hospital would have to be my worst.

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    Childhood is a time of growth and learning, trial and error.

    I remember this girl...

    My upbringing and the torment of childhood itself.

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    childhood means playing with my siblings.

    best childhood memory is my mother's cooking all of my favorite foods when i was sick and when i wasn't sick.

    worst childhood memory is when my mom gave away all of my toys to goodwill because she thought i had outgrown them.

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    Semi happy life

    Family time

    Church and Father Micheal


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    worst-I was molested as a child

    Best=We spent summers at Coldwater, Michigan on the, swimming, and boating. It was great!

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    childhood is a very important part of a person's growing process.

    its all sweet to me, its all the best memory.

    the sad part was when i loss my granpa when was 7.

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    no good memories

    worst memory when my dad used to beat me ..a lot

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