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which are very beutiful south india lady? and one important question.?

I saw many beutiful ladies in films..like miss j prada (most beautiful), and ms H Maali, all except ms sridevi (not so beutiful..many people will disagree.

Important question:

Do beautiful south indian and sri lanka ladies like to marry outside community and race? What happens if muslim man not speaking their language likes them ?

I heard that it is a difficult task.


No no...I am not talking about muslims..I have never seen any muslim south indian. Basically, I dont know south indian language and know only urdu ...but south indian ladies are too beautiful. I have not met any lady from sri lanka but they must be similiar type..with dark skin and beautiful features.

Update 2:

example of jay Prada:


Youtube thumbnail


Update 3:

Another example in unknown language:


Youtube thumbnail


Update 4:

brother furious...wish you all the best. Unfortunately only 2-3 communities in pakistan.

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    I am an south Indian and you know all are super beauties in India.

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    My brother Rehman.

    S.L. chicks are not what u claim they are...dark.

    There one of most finest & sexies on earth has to offer.

    I will shaadi or marry a fine South Asian chic before 21 of age.


    I'm 19.

    That was one of the best music videoes of Amitabh Bachan...

    A classic & a South Asian south wonders of the world.

    Source(s): Tikay.
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    Um...are u talking about Muslims here? or ur a muslim interested in Srilankan and South INdian ladies??? is it?

    As for Srilankans..i have loads of friends there..and some have actually married...foreigners...i knew of a girl who was muslim but she married a Sinhalese...It depends on each ones interest i assume...but when it comes to South Indians..i am currently living in India..but i know its very strict in India...


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    1 decade ago

    the most beautiful south indian lady i hv seen is ..

    Sri devi~

  • 1 decade ago

    the most beautiful south indian lady i hv seen is ..

    ileana d'cruz..

    shez an actress....!

    Source(s): lh3.google.com/.../s800/newpg-ilena1.jpg
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    Wrong posting..........please move from here

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