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Fantasy Football: Ryan Grant of GB versus STL, LenDale White of Ten Versus KC,Kevin Jones of Det versus SD?

I can play 2 of them. What do you think?

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    normally id write some long reason of why you should start the guy, but you have given me the no brainer of the day....



    Jones=no,no against SD this wk...DET is gonna air it out today

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    my first choice would have to be ryan grant versus st louis rams.

    my second pick would have to be lendale white because kevin jones is way to much of a inconsistent football player. one week he shows up to take over the game the next week it is like he does not even really want to be on the field at all. iff i were the detroit lions i would trade kevin jones and try and get myself a quarterback because kitna is not the quarterback of the future for the detroit lions. kitna is a joke. guaranteeing that the lions will win 10 games this year. kitna is a joke. good luck hope you pick the right 2

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    ryan grant is on fire, but green bay loves to throw the ball. kc has a pretty good defense, lendale white, i have him, is up and down. i read today that detroits game plan is to pound the ball with sd's merrian out at lb.

    i would play grant and jones.

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    Ryan Grant and K Jones, no question. No question at all

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    love grant, he will love you back

    tougher call on the RB2, but i would go with white

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