Why hsn't the USA been back to the moon?

How come we had the techology to get to the moon in the 1960's, bu haven't had a space flight w/people outside of the earth's orbit since?

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    Have the USA made the first landing actually on the moon???The photo´s suggest differently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I disagree with many answers given. The problem is essentially budget. Scientists from various disciplines have dozens of experiments they would love to perform - if money allowed. And as before, there would be massive spinoffs in the civilian sector.

    An immediate and obvious use for th far side of the moon would be both radio and astonomical telescopes. Astronomers drool at teh thought of those. They would outclass anything on earth (or in space currently).

    There are plans for a moon base of a fairly basic sort (I imagine) for some time about 2020.

    And would you believe it, NASA had a big clean up and all the engineering plans for the Saturn 5 were destroyed.

    The answers all come back to money. Worst thing is that if the US had a smaller military budget and less wars, there would be plenty of money for lunar exploration, etc. If Congress halved the money on warfare and invested the same amount in space, US industry would still have the cash and people would have jobs (albeit different).

    You may be interested in a space plane invented by the British. It is called Skylon It is single stage, can be turned around for reuse within a few hours, cheap, etc. It has everything going for it. NASA may not like it but Britain could end up supplying the next generation of shuttle craft.

    Here is a link to Adrian Berrys site who describes it as the DC3 of space. It is well worth reading.


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    A major purpose was to show that we really had the technology to make reliable ICBMs, so that the Soviets would be duly intimidated. If we just said we had rockets that could deliver our bombs to their cities, there would have been a risk of not being believed and having them think they could call our bluff. Plus we got lots of good publicity off of the moon shot, whereas we would have gotten bad publicity off of trying to advertise our missiles as missiles.

    Cancelling the program was pure politics, as always. The bulk of the costs had already been paid, for the remaining flights. There's more that could have been learned, even with the technologies of the time, but it makes an easy target for rhetoric about boondoggles.

    As for why we haven't done much in space since, it's political and cultural. There are resources in space that would make it worthwhile economically, but only after an initial investment too big for any private company to take. And government wasn't going to, in the mood the country has been in for the intervening decades.

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    What? You wanna bus route?

    It was expensive to get to the Moon, and budget is ALWAYS an issue. NASA had to pay for all those Saturn Vs it was using and it was easier to cancel the order for the last two than beg congress for the money. The two that were already on the way became displays.

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    Any proof that sm-one had been there before 'in real'! Only a gimmick to bully amongst other countries! It's been said that they approached very near the surface but had experienced presence of aliens and had aborted any landing.

    Elsewise US is not a country to leave any space in this world unconquered! Think of this computerised age, where research has developed in multiple folds and would have had helped in finding marvel stock of fuels/minerals/elements and last of all setting up of automated multifunctional plants operating in 1/6th of our gravity!

    It would hv been best place to execise their Nukes rather than in Pacific! And more------& more-----------------

    What do others say on that??

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    Because it takes Rockets to get to the moon, and not space shuttles. Rockets aren't as safe and rely on more supplies, which why NASA doesn't use them anymore. However, Japan is planning to go to the moon within 10 to 15 years.

  • Mark
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    The landings were in the 1960s and 70s.

    The American public lost interest in Moon landings, so Congress stopped paying for them.

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    There's a movie called Apollo 13 that you might want to watch.

    They've already been to the moon. Right now they're trying to assemble travel brochures to Mars.

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    We did it to beat the Russians. Why keep doing it?

    Good Luck (I for one am glad we are not spending all that money going back and forth for few scientist curiosity)

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    Because they found out there is nothing there!

    Because "been there, done that".

    Because there is more to space that is more interesting....and maybe profitable.....to explore.

    Because once you learn to walk, it's not fun to crawl anymore.

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    they are going back and planning on building a launch site for the Mars mission.

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