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what do u need when you go on holiday with a 5 month old??!!?


thats harsh, u dont even know me. i was just saying theres so much to take and wondered if anyone had any tips! dont be so rude

Update 2:

thank u very much for all your means alot!

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    We traveled when our youngest was about 8 months old. I packed enough diapers to get me through the first couple of days, same with formula and cereal / baby food. Once at our destination I bought diapers, etc there. We were traveling from the UK to Portugal on that trip and everything was fine. Now I only pack enough diapers to get us there and one night, why pack extra if you can buy them when you get there.

    Most hotels will have a portable crib or pack and play, I never take ours I use the ones at the hotel.

    Toys -- I would pack a few things to entertain baby but not much.

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    a nanny. kidding..

    definitely bring lots of onsies, diapers, wipes. favorite toys, blankets, bibs. and all the stuff you may need just in case, diaper rash cream, fingernail clippers, i always grabbed baby never know, seems whenever we go away, i need what i never need at home. i pack her aspirator, thermometer, stuff like that. socks, warm clothes, lotion/ soap. spoons for feeding

    best i could say, whatever you use in one day. grab all of that..

    then just go through the house ( wherever babies stuff is) and start putting it in a bag.

    it is so!! much to pack, but i think better safe than sorry.

    you don't want to have to buy new everything when you get where you are going.

    have a good time!

    also, a stroller,carrier, and a place to sleep ( pack in play)

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    that comment was very rude! But anyways a lot like the person above me said...How long your going to be gone plays a major role to...But take a lot because the baby is still young! Try to organize everything and check twice before you leave! Good Luck and have fun! I know your excited its the baby's first xmas Yay! LOL

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    alot!!!!!!! how long are you going and is there a washing machine there? If no machine then bring at least 3 changes of clothes per day, then of course formula and cereal if on cereal already. Toys for amusement. Just look at what you use during the day to take care of at home and bring that with. You will want your baby as used to the routine as possible so keep it as close to being at home as possible

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    i'm purely packing for my 3 month previous who we can take to Bali for the 1st time. you're extra helpful off as you could probable get many of the stuff in Spain in case you have forgotten something. What I took for my daughter while she became into little and could do now besides is to take here for confident: a sling or service; a return and forth mattress (Samsonite return and forth mattress, suitable because it have been given a mosquito internet!); mosquito repellent; solar cream; rash vest; swimming ring; some formulation (relax you will get there) and all of the bottles in case you supply milk. I often placed many of the failings right into a huge plastic container, which then is going into the bags yet is often used to sterilize kit in. for this reason, do no longer forget sterilizing pills, which you additionally can placed into the bathtub bathtub once you supply bathes on your toddler. it is it. we've been traveling particularly mild with the two certainly one of them. As for the habitual: the two my infants are in a habitual besides and we the two adjusted it to the comparable time interior the rustic we traveled or we purely purely left it like it is and for this reason with the time-distinction, the youngsters would set right into a ten to 10 habitual, somewhat then a 7 to 7 one. this style we've been able to take them out for dinner and definitely sleep in with them! have relaxing traveling, it is super and relaxing.

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    Everything u use 4 them on a daily basis. Nappy bag with lots of changes of clothes, singlets, bibs. Dummy, babies powder lotions/skin products. Nappies, nappy wipes. Bottles, steraliser, babies foood/babies cereal, hat, suncream, lots of toys, panadol, hairbrush, pram, bouncer, blankets, bottle brush, babies spoon, babies formula, juice,etc etc

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    It depends on how far/long you are going for....take a few extra onsies and wipes/diapers...blankie....try to take one or two of his/her toys. I always over pack but its better to over do it then to not have enough of something

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