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U.S. Army Rangers ?'s?

I got slot 40 on my contract (Ranger Incentive). I signed up for 5 years active duty infantry, with airborne school, and the ranger incentive. From what im learning after airborne school I take a test (RIP) and then im put on the 75th Ranger Reg. But you don't go through actual Ranger School until you wish to become an NCO? So does this mean you could be a Ranger without actually going through Ranger School and getting the tab? I thought you had to go through Ranger School no matter what to be a Ranger? Plz explain this to me... cuz from the way it looks any Infantry soldier that is qualified can go through Ranger School, get the tab, but not truly be a "Ranger"... im confused some1 help me out

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    Being assigned to a ranger battalion does not make you a ranger. completing the training and actually being awarded the tab is what makes you a ranger and gives you your identifier.

    The 75th scroll just means you are assigned to that battalion which you could be assigned your entire career but never truly be a ranger.

    Once tabbed you are a ranger even if you arent part of a ranger battalion.

    I hope this helps

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    From what Iveheard & seen, its ranger tab means you did a school, but the scroll means you live the life. Rangerschool is more of a leadership course. Theirs a pre screening as soon as you get to RIP, if yor not good enough they will find that out in the first day or two. The RIP is going to make you a ranger, you will be assigned to the 75th once your their but upon completion of RIP you get assigned to one of the 3 battallions. Ranger school is also required if you want to go NCO, but you dont have to be NCO to do it. Any military member can go through ranger school, but its only the actual rangers who wear the scroll & the tan beret. Ayone whos not apart of the 75th & apart of a battallion (1st,2nd,3rd) are not rangers. All the ranger tab shows is you completed ranger school. Even so, a regular infantryman with a ranger tab will have nothing on a actual ranger. Rangers live & breathe the ranger way all day every day.

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    just a couple things to add. RIP is a few weeks long, i cant remember how long, i want to say 4 weeks, so its not just a test. Once you finish that than you go to the regiment. you can stay in there with out going to the course however you cant be promoted past e-4 with out going to ranger school. They will try to send you as soon as possible, first priority going to all e-4s. its not somthing you wish for, they are going to put pressure on you to go, and if you dont then you will be kicked out. as far as who is a ranger some one who wears the tab (completing ranger school), or the scroll (a member of the regiment) i personaly thing they are both rangers but thats my opinion. good luck.

    Source(s): paratrooper, 82nd Airborne
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