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What song is guaranteed to make you spill your drink rushing to the dancefloor?


Whoah lil` farm girl!Quick of the mark today.Good tune ,personally i`d be running like a madman for "come on eileen",Dexys;or bucks fizz "making your mind up"

Update 2:

LeTRESA what matter a spilt drink in the face of joy?No beer shortage thankfully!

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    Thats a really hard one Steve as Im always the first one on the floor regardless of the tune , but it would have to be embarressment by madness i would gladly spill all of my drink for x

    Di x

    Oh and check ur mail , i asked u a question lol

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    Cotton Eye Joe!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Give It to Me by Nelly and Timbaland

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    I think that it is any song that you would really love to dance to. And if you spill your drink thats great money you wasted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    tough one since there are sooo many good songs...ill have to say Backstreet Boys- Everybody, its an awesome song:)

  • daisy
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    baby got back is a good one......

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