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My puppy was scratch in the eye DONT FREAK ME OUT!?

So to make a long story short... my cat smacked my puppy in the eye ....and give her a ulcer or bump in the inside of her eye....i took her to the vet 45 mins after it happend..the vet said it was nothing serious to keep that cone on her ...and give her some antibiotics. It was this tube of stuff you put in her eye.... it got alot better but didnt totally go away... i was suppose to go back 5 days later to have a check up.. i cant afford to go back nor do i have a car at the moment....she is fine. perfectly happy. However the bump is still there 3 weeks later...... i dont know what to do. its NOT infected.. nor is it getting worse.. its FINE. but like i said the bump is still present. so what should i do guys? and dont freak me and tell me to rush her in ASAP. im so broke its not even funny .. plus im walking everywhere! any adivce? i just keep using the oinment on her like the vet said .. i took the cone off like 2 weeks ago

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    Ok don't freak out its probably just scar tissue. Call the vet explain your concerns sometimes they can answer your questions over the phone......If the vet tells you to bring the puppy in to re- examine explain your situation. I have never seen a veternarian yet that will not work out some type of affordable payment arrangements especially to a previous client. Even if the payments are small they usually put the animals well being first in priority

  • You don’t have to go to the vet right now if it’s not too bad. Keep applying the ointment twice a day for at least 3 more weeks. The problem is not the laceration, but if the blood vessels sink from the laceration back into the eye and form deep roots.

    Your dog may always have a little white or yellow bump on the eye where she was scratched. Use a flashlight and make sure no blood vessels are surrounding the wound. If you don’t apply the ointment, a permanent blind spot may form on the eye.

    Just remember to apply the ointment.

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    The eye has an amazing ability to heal itself. You are doing everything right by applying the ointment, checking for infection, watching the dog's moods. Leave it be. Sounds like it may be taking a long time to heal, because dogs scratch at their eyes with their paws. Just continue to keep an eye on it, and call the vet if you suspect an infection, or if it seems bothersome to your dog. good luck.

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    Get the vet to check the puppy's eye.

    Sometimes injuries like this leave permanent damage. Keep a special eye on it over the next few years if there is damage.

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    I'm not judging you as a person but I have to say pets are expensive. They need medical care just like people. They get diseases and illnesses, need vaccination etc. My dog has had 3 dental surgeries equaling six thousand dollars. I didn't know when my dog was a puppy she would get older and have genetic teeth problems. Are you getting my point? You should not have gotten a puppy if you are having obvious financial problems. Just my 2 cents.

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    It could just be a scar from the scratch. Keep up with the treatment and your dog will be just fine. My mother in law's dog had this happen to him and he was just fine...lived to be a very old age...yes, he did eventually go blind in that eye, but that wasn't for a loooooong time, and it didn't seem to affect him, really.

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    they'd have tasted it, yet I doubt they drank it. Clorox tastes terrible and burns, no doggy will in simple terms drink it. Bathing them and getting them sparkling air is the terrific element for them, till you may get a vet to verify them.

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    Agree with karly,the eye is amazing at healing.Take it from some one who dug steel out of his own eye,and yes I did see my own Doctor.

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