hes not telling them what do i do?

my boyfriend has not told anyone in his family that were having a baby even though were 17 they need to know what is the best for him to tell his family?

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  • Violet
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    1 decade ago
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    I'm 17. Yeah, it's going to be scary telling them, we're all young. I can only imagine...

    He needs to tell his family as soon as possible. Whatever his feelings are, he needs to "man up" and get with it. Face the music (whatever it's called) and take it like an adult. It is better that you attend when he decides to tell his family. This shows his family you two are both responsible parents.

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    I agree with the person who suggested you wait during the first trimester, but wait no longer than that.

    It sounds like your boyfriend is afraid of how his family will react; and he is probably ashamed and embarrassed, too. This will sound strange, but I think this speaks well of him--he has a family that cares about him, and he cares about them. This is a foundation to work from.

    This a hard time for both of you. But here is the thing: he will have to tell them sometime, and the sooner, the better. They may react with their own emotions, but they will get over the initial shock. They need to know as soon as possible because they will want to help you with the solution. This child will be their grandchild.

    If he won't tell them by the end of the first trimester, then your parents should contact his parents. Again, after the initial shock, both families will work together to help this new grandchild.

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    Many couples who plan a pregnancy wait until the end of the first trimester to announce that they are expecting. Often this is done so as to not jinx the pregnancy and make sure the baby will be okay. I don't suspect that this is your boyfriend's plan, but it maybe a good one for now.

    I agree with the poster who said for you to tell your parents right away and start seeing a doctor. Take care of yourself. When you begin to show a belly, he will have no choice but to let his family know.

    Good luck!

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    Well, I had a baby young, and my parents went to go see his parents. He also didn't say a THING to his parents. But, let's face it, your parents (yours and his) are going to have to be there financially for the baby. Hell, you two cannot even sign legal papers or drink legally for that matter! So, again, have your parents speak to his parents and if you're comfortable, be there as well. Hopefully, you two will make it until at least the baby is 2 years old. That is a critical age for children to have the best foundation.

    Good Luck and enjoy the Holidays!

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  • 1 decade ago

    sweety... he's afraid whats gonna happen.. It's not an easy thing you know... This is the good thing to do. First you have to tell first to your parents first whats happening. Second, go ask your parents to have conversation with the family of your boyfriend so in that way wether he likes it or not somethings will be revealed. Conflicts may occur but it's the only peaceful way through it.

  • casper
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    1 decade ago

    Whether He's Too Nervous, or maybe even too Ashamed, He Does Need to Tell His Family. They May be More supportive than he's thinking. But, if he just Can't bring himself to tell them, then it may be up to you. Talk to him again and try to convince him How Important it is that he Spill the Beans, and that If He Doesn't You will. Good Luck sweetie!!!

  • glurpy
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    1 decade ago

    It's his family. They will find out eventually, won't they? And he will have to live the consequences of his decision to not tell them just yet. So, you don't do anything but be supportive, ask him why he's afraid to tell them etc. He doesn't need to hear from you what he should say unless he asks you for advice.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh God here we go again. You say "even though were 17" as though you are a fully capable adult! lol

    Hes probably scared and/or embarassed. Your too darn young for a child.

    After you give birth, I would seriously consider some birth control!!!!!!!

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    you just have to be very honest with them. you guys are not the first ones to be in this situation. be as honest as you can . you are both going to need the help and support from both sides of the family. good luck to you both honey. things will work out. they always do .

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    how far along are you?

    Perhaps you should send them a christmas card, and sign it from the 3 of you.

    I'm glad you're deciding to keep it.

    they will have to know eventually. maybe they hate suspense, so he's just going to bring the baby over to meet them once the baby is here lol

    Good luck.. I'd let him worry about that- as long as you've already told your parents, you're set.

    Or, you could have your mom call his mom (if you're mom is ok with the pregnancy and came to grips with it) and she could be like "isn't it great we're going to be grandparents!?"

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