How do I configure a standard modem to work on a CDMA digital line to access the Internet using Windows XP?

The modem is a CDMA fixed wireless terminal and the packaging is written in Chinese which I cant read - meaning to say I cant establish who the manufacturer is. There is no drivers for the modem but only for the special USB-to-serial cable provided by the manufacturer.The device manager of Windows XP shows that both the modem & the cable are all working correctly but somehow I just cant connect to the Internet. I use a dial-up connection of which the modem is not dialing out.Please help with step - by - step configuration procedures if you can.

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    Since it is a digital line, you should not have to use the analog dial-up connection. In such cases, there are usually specialized solutions provided by the ISP. You have to call the ISP who provides the CDMA digital fixed wireless line to find how to download their special software to connect.

  • snvffy
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    You shouldn't be using a dial-up connection. Sounds like you're trying to dial out on a cable or DSL modem which don't work. What is CDMA?

    Make sure you're plugged into the ethernet card from the modem with a Cat 5, and setup a new connection with the network setup connections wizard.

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    If by "everyday use" you mean "using common sense", then yes, the inbuilt firewall is good enough. However if you're the type of person that likes to browse illegal sites, download P2P, and click every popup ad or email link/attachment you see, then no XP's firewall isn't good enough, you will need a proper firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware/anti-malware. And even then you won't be 100% safe without using a little common sense...

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