Difference between a mounted print and canvases?



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    If you are asking about taking the same image printing it on paper and mounting it on floamcore OR printing it on canvas and stretching it...

    Then the canvas would probably be slightly more valuable...

    However an orginal work of art; painting, drawing... has to potential to be much more valuable than these reproductions.

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    A mounted print is generally an artwork on (hopefully) acid-free paper that is affixed to a backing and wourrounded in the front with a matt, thereby creating a "hardboard" frame. The whole works are then placed behind glass in a frame.

    Canvas is white cotton duck cloth that is primed and stretched over a frame...staple-gunned around the edges, and the surface of the canvas is painted on. When dry, the painting can be put into a frame for display.

    Source(s): I've sold local art and owned an art gallery.
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    A mounted print is a reproduction of a piece of artwork framed with a styrophome backing.

    A canvas is (or should be) an actual painting. Canvas is usually used for oil but is occassionally used for acrylic to get a textured effect.

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    The mounted print is usually done or paper backup.It is a print(art pc.that is considered to be an" original" before either destruction of the matrice or after certain no.of print considered by the established standards:e.g. in Eastern Europe the master prints no: was /is only 7 .After this no. the plates /matrice was destroid by a drawn line in 45 degree angle.The printed art(7pcs.)therefore were considered the ORIGINALS.if subsequent prints before destruction of the plates were made they were considered to be COPIES!!

    In the western hemisphere the no.of ORIGINAL prints of the matrice is virtually unlimited thus rendering the value of such prints prety much worthless.Why? The matrices are after the proces of etching completed,reinforced by metal coating,thus the actualdrawing is altered by mechanical means that is no longer the artist input.The difference in expression of the print is not easy to make-between the fortified and original original woks but the little bit better experienced art lover can see it.Because the North American general public is poorly educated in graphic art and in arts in general the greedy art dealers can rake in millions of dollars from the unsuspecting public.THE ORIGINAL ART PRINTS WILL HAVE ON THE LEFT SIDE THE NUMBER INDICATING THE I.D OF ALLOWABLE PRINTS(SERIES) E.G 1/7=EASTERNEUROPE.WESTERN EUROPE 1/20 MAX.


    In th middle there will be the name of art work and in the right side of the picture there will be the signature of the artist and the date of creation of the print.In east Europe under the signature of the artist there is also a signature of the printer(often the prints were done in others printers shops=master printer -his name must be accompanied with the title =printer as to distinguish who the actual artist-concept and matrices creator is. Here in america no such recognition is required -again that is why you can by"ORIGINALS"made in China.

    The print(art work is then mounted on a white paper that is designed to absorb moisture from the paper after the print completion ana second layer of harder paper -to keep the print flat minimizing the warpage that will result as the drying process will contimue for sometime.The front of the print is protected by a mat a heavy one layer or more of a mating material that with its colour compliments the print,master framer will do this work for the artist and his signature is usually on the back of the frame-either embosed in the wooden frame or stamped on the backing material.Often just a rubber stamp accompanies the frame work(sort of promotional device.The more known graphic artists will use one framer for all his work and rely totaly on tha expertise of the framer.

    The canvas (print or actual media as the word implies is done on a canvas).

    The original works are done- whether a la prima or as a result of an analitical processes dirrectly and onto the canvas.Usually the pc.that is created without mechanical devices intervention is original because even though you may repetadly paint one and the same think over and over with a confidence and virtuosity of a machine your creative process can not be duplicated with absolute identity.This is simply imposible by nature.Every stroke of a pencil ,brush .or what ever you use will cary in its handwriting the characteristics of the creative process of that particular nanosecond moment of the creation and therefore each pc.although almost undistinguishably same may be considered ORIGINALS as long as they are done by HAND pc by pc.Many artist in order to make money chose one or few themes from their repertoire and repeatedly creating the same thing over and over again-just like the musicians can play e.g.Rachmaninov over and over with a virtuosity sometimes even breath taking results are posible.

    The painting thus done by hand is sidned usually in the lower right hand side (but not necessarilly so,other places are sometimes used-depending how it will interfere with the pic.)

    Convention is that the signature is done in the same media as the painting and the size of it is small as not to take too much attention from the art pc itself.(sometimes it is also posible to find additional notes on the back of the canvas pertaining the master pc.or in the refference to involved media etc.These notes are quite important for it is a record sometimes the only note indicating what was going on during the process of creating of the pc.There is at least one case on records that of an artist who wrote a love poem on the back of his painting to his mistress which proved to be actually more interesting than the master pc. itself.

    Here too,the contemporary technology then allows to make art pcs in unlimited amounts.The surface of the canvas is coated with an emulsion that will accept a transfer of an immage(just like in a proces of a silkscreen printing).Any immage be it drawing with pencil or an impasto painting can be thus created by a machine and of course some help of a hand -not necesarily an artist,often the students of an art school are hired for completion of the works.Often the students also produce copies dirrectly on the canvas havig a masterpainting immage as aa sample in front of them,again producing "ORIGINALS"of dubious value.

    So i hope I answered your question adequatly ,and if You have any other question please ask again,

    good luck

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    canvases have a greater value

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    I dunno

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