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Going on a break...what should i do?

so its spring break from school and my gf or 2 years hasnt called much. then one night i get a phone call & she asks if we can go on a break because she wants to be more "independent". turns she been spending time with the guy who was one of my best friends last year(like going to his house with just them there). then two weeks later their going out.....but she still says shes going out with me at the same time. she tells me she doesnt really care about him but shes also said that she doesnt want to lose him. shes keeping things from and she says she'll tell me them once it all blows over. throughout this whole time she still says she loves me and we act like regular boyfriend/girlfriend. we even still have sex whenever were its 2 months into this **** & i dont know what to do.. all my friends say to just break up with her & that their dissapointed in me but i cant..i love her too much to lose her

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    what she is doing is completely unfair on you and this other guy. tell her she is going to have to choose. it sounds like she is just using the term 'break' to make it seem less like 2 timing which really it is. if she loves you as much as you love her then she will drop the other guy...otherwise it's better it ends now than you continue to be hurt.

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    Go and have sex with another girl so she can see how it feels.

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    She cheated on you. Dump her.

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