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Degree dilemma?

Here's the case.

Now i'm about to choose which degree course to study, and I came up with 2 options. Either Bachelor of Business and Commerce or (double degree) Bachelor of Business and Commerce & Bachelor of Communication.

The duration for the single degree is 3 years while double degree is 4 years.

The price structure is the same.

I understand that double degree is hectic but communication is where my other interest lies. In other words, I like business courses, and I also like Communication courses.

The counselor told me that if I take double degree, I can forget about dating because my weekends will be fulled with assignments.

please advise me.



i mean the fee structure for a year is same with single degree. I just have to pay one more extra year for the double degree

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    double degree my dear. no doubt. it gives u xtra 'x' factor there. ala..takat dating tu,m sure can do something bout it.squeeze time wotsoever.its not like ur gf is from uganda rite?malaysian oso.tak lari mana la..

    some ppl took 4yrs to finish a degree..while u, u can take 2 degree within 4 yrs..isnt that kewl and awesome etc..etc??

    plus,u'll be xtra hot. everyone will open their eyes.. 'dah la kacak,bijak pulak tu..double degree seyhh!!' somewhat like this la..ehehehe..

    go gabby go! =)

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    Go for double degree, definitely. I do not have to tell you why the Communication, but nowadays you will be highly regarded with a degree in Commerce. The knowledge you gain through the business studies give you an alternative and will help you a great deal in your career down the track, and you will not regret it.

    Contrary to popular belief, doing a double degree is in fact less intensive than a single degree. Well, from my experience anyway. It's true that you will have a fair amount of workload from each subject you undertake, but overall, you will appreciate it because you will not be spending your money on electives that are not so relevant to your course.

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    you better take up (double degree) Bachelor of Business and Commerce & Bachelor of Communication.Why I say is I'm also doing double degree.It may seem to be hectic but will be ok then n much time saved if compared 2 getting 2 degrees separately.

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    Taking priority on your passion, the option Business & Communication is the best. Top it off with your current working experience that would be more intense, fulfilling & beneficial for you to study. In the end despite what course you're taking, it's what you do in real life & in work force that matters.

    It's true of what others commented, deg. course are to gain knowledge.

    What the lecturer warned about weekend sacrifices, that's just to test your level of commitment over your goals.

    Many students thru out the journey of diploma, degree & etc. dropped out either because they are not willing to pay the price, got bored, or just too much for them to handle.

    I believe if you've so much passion in what you do, nothing is too much of the price. While you're young, give your focus and commitment in your goals especially since you'll be spending good money, time & your youth in it.

    It takes much more to go back to classes when you get much older so why no do it now? To go back to pursue some tertiary certificates when you get older esp. peer problems, feelings old, your health, time & etc.

    Overall are you willing to give your - focus, commitment & time management.

    Don't worry laaah, real women gets attracted to men with brains :D

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    Gabby, stay away from the Commerce degree.

    Judging from your activities here at YAM, communications is the way to go. You are creative and one of a kind. I'd recommend Communications because it seem that you will be more comfortable being yourself and your charisma can take you a long way as well as providing you with a fun career (I'm not just kissing your aS$).

    if you possess good communication skills they will take you much further than a business degree.

    I have a friend who was in a similar situation. His communication skills took him from a small Ontario (Canada) city to Chicago, to Indiana to Idaho earning more money each step.

    BTW, learn how to play golf as it is an easy way to impress co-workers in a relaxed atmosphere and meetings on the golf course lead him to greater job offers.

    Good Luck, and don't forget to buy a Mac!!!

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    Tessa, what you learn in college has on the component of 0 relevance in regard to success or failure as a author, inclusive of screenwriting and teleplay writing. i understand some working screenwriters online, and none of them has a level concerning writing for a dwelling. Your dad is familiar with the percentages of transforming into even a minimum dwelling with a media degree are teensy. I comprehend his concerns. He does not decide directly to squash your desires, yet he's familiar with the certainty of attempting to assist your self, too. Spend some time with the direction catalogue and a pupil consultant, and appearing some homework. See in case you will detect a substantial field of learn which looks employable and is not purely undeniable old enterprise. I think of in case you could instruct your father you have executed a sprint prognosis on what jobs are available and what ranges they require, he'd be satisfied with a substantial different than enterprise and a media minor. i think of the media minor is exceptionally lots ineffective for screenwriting, even with the incontrovertible fact that. you will do extra effective with action picture or historical past for a minor.

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    What's the point of finishing fast and not liking what you took and worse, not getting a related job.

    You said you like communications, so GO FOR IT! Besides, it can secure you many jobs.

    As for the loss of weekends and dating, if flirting and hoo haa is your forte, then forget the idea of studying in the first place.

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    Gabby, i suggest double degree for you..if you start next year, you'll grab your scroll on 2011 or 2012. 'i can forget about dating' it's so untrue la dear, my ex-bf also took double degree but he can still manage time between study, soccer, climbing, jamming, side business, and. me. you are the master of yourself..think of your future first (gf 2nd thing). oh, before you quit from current job pls post few L'Occitane samples to me hahaha j/k only.

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    take the double degree.. you are not live for today only but still got tommorow.. hard life for today for a better day of tommorow..

    but, it depends to you also.. even you are totally interest in both courses, can you handle it? they say that it might be hectic but, can you? maybe for some it hectic but for you it might be easy.. so, go for the double degree..

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    This is a world of change, double major will help you to achieve a better life. If you spend a extra more year and achieve it, I think it is worst it.

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