Is it true that the human brain starts to weaken at the age of 20 from cognitive decline?

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    Some parts of the brain do indeed diminish at about 25, but the decision making portion of the brain is not mature until age 25. Auto Insurance companies have long noted this lack of ability to make quality decisions by the under age 25 group and recent MRIs & CAT scans bear out the theory that that part of the brain is not fully formed & functional until after age 25. Therefore the decision making part of the brain gets better as other parts decline.

    Due to much faster reactions, one could expect the 22 yr old to have far fewer fatal accidents than the 40 yr old... however, the reverse is true.

    Source(s): Retired AI researcher
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    Well, that's what they say in Brain Age. But yes, the brain does start to weaken from around there due to brain cell loss, and a general decline in use for most people. The difference between a 20 and 25 year old will not be very obvious, but when you get into your 50's and 60's, the slope of decline gets much steeper. All that can be postponed by giving your brain a good workout everyday with math, science, grammar, and trivia.

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