I just know 2 kinds of partition: NTSC and FAT32. What do you think is better?

when I install windows Xp I don't know what is better kind partition to format.

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    Firstly, NTSC is a broadcast standard used in North America. I believe you meant NTFS.

    NTFS and FAT are 'filesystems' and is used to allow partition data to be read from appropriately aware OS's.

    What is better is relative to your needs. If you only use Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista then NTFS should be used exclusively. It offers many advantages and features not available in FAT.

    FAT is an older filesystem pre-NT days used in Win95/98/ME.

    FAT is still useful if you need to share the partition with another OS like Win98 or a linux or Mac.

    To learn more about various filesystems see this link


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    Older machines and other operating systems, like Linux, can write to FAT32 more safely than NTFS, so for what I am doing, FAT32 is the way to go. A Windows XP or Vista user might not care about that, but if your machine ever crashed on you, someone with a Linux LiveCD could access your FAT32 partitions and retrieve your data and maybe even fix the problem. That would be harder on NTFS partitions.

    (btw, it is NTFS. NTSC is the television format in North America. And Zurahn has it backwards--NTFS is exclusive to Windows, and other OS can and do read FAT32. I am right now.)

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    If your computer is switched off without going through the shutdown sequence, your hard drive needs to be scanned and there is often a good chance some file got corrupted. This does not happen with NTFS. Further, NTFS can selectively compress unused files when you do Disk Cleanup, so you often have much more space than FAT32. And NTFS is a lot newer, more advanced file system.

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    XP and NTFS is the best way to go.

    It has extra security features that FAT32 doesn't have.

    BTW, NTFS is the Default for this reason.

    TIP: Use FAT32 on a separate partition, if you want to share data with OS X or Linux.

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    NTFS, FAT32 can only store files up to 4gb in size, and are generally way slower, and less powerful, though they do take less time to format, this is usually due to a FAT32 hard-drive being small inside.

    Select NTFS, it's way better.

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    FAT32 is Windows proprietary (can only be read on Windows systems) and is local only to that system. NTFS is an open format that allows filesharing across systems. It's no contest.

    Oh, and NTSC is the American region encoding for videogames.

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    If you only want to use XP then NTFS may be the way to go - it offers user security and other data integrity / recovery advantages. If you want to share data, Fat32 may be a better option, depending on what you want to share with, and how.

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    NT*FS, not SC.

    And NTFS is much better for current data processing. ESPECIALLY for XP. XP will only recognize something formatted under Fat32 up to 32gigs. So, if you have a 160 gig hard drive, you'd only be utilizing 32 gigs of it.

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    NTFS is better

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