will you stay for someone who doesn't give up on you?

i I broke up with aguy and decide to stay friend. After 7 months I ask him one time to have relationship again, But he said he wants someone who stay with him for long time ( somehow i felt guilty for braking the relationship with him in the first place), Anytime i try to move on( becouse i realise me and him just friend now ) He always said he won't give up on me.

Somehow It makes me hard to move on becouse i still love him.IN your opinion If someone don't give up on you, does it give u enough reason not to move on and find somebody else?Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Staying friends with an ex is a difficult thing, you two had an emotional attachment...Now in order for you to move on and him, you both need to separate totally...Maybe later down the road things will change and you two can be friends again...

  • 1 decade ago

    fisrt off myabe you shoulnd't have broken up with him, bu you blew it. He doesn't want you anymore and you need to move on.

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