1991 camry will not start in cold weather.....help!?

i came outside last night to go somewhere and my car wouldnt start. it is cold today to be in ala., but i just had a new alternator belt, alternator, new starter(months ago), and a new battery put in my car at least month and half ago. i have gas in my car. i put the key in the ignition andthe lights where the odometer will come on when i switch it to the back, but then it will not turn over. if the temp outside gets warmer, will that help with the car starting process? and if i get a jump off, how long will it last u think?

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    pull the battery and go get it tested, sounds like you have a defective battery, EVEN NEW ONES GO BAD. If you cant pull the battery, get it jumped, may have to warm the engine up some. be careful how you do this, i use one of those "torpedo" heaters with a tarp BE CAREFUL! when you get it started take the car back to where u bought the battery. have them test it GOOD LUCK

  • paul h
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    Could be a bad neutral safety switch...try moving the shifter slightly or put it in neutral when starting to see if that helps. May need to be adjusted or replaced. Could also be a weak battery even though it's new...in cold weather, a battery can lose 50 percent or more of it's cranking power. See how many cold cranking amps the battery is rated for...should be at least around 5-600 or better. Try jump starting it and maybe have the starter and battery cables checked out too.

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    if the engine is turning over but wont start, i would be looking at the cold start switch.It's a brass unit that looks similar to the temp gauge sender unit,it will be on the water outlet,there are two side by side the cold start is the one near engine,take it out and clean the prong that the water flows over with a wire brush,give it a couple of taps on the ground and replace it. It tells the computer the engine is cold and regulates the amount of fuel for starting.if you go to toyota they will tell you to get a new one, which is a slight chance you may have to, i was quoted about $350, so try cleaning it first if thats the problem. good luck.

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    I have had this a few times and each one was the same it was the distributor, yes guys I know the message says won't turn over but I think that they mean wont start, right? If not it can be the starter I have had bad ones right out of the box that wouldn't work. Good luck

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