Can you help me fill in these blanks?? Please? o.O?

Can you tell me the best products you have USED when in comes to:




Scrub(or any for Blackheads):

Well I'm really confused with those brands in the markets.. Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Proactiv, Olay, Clearasil, St.Ives. ,etc.. And I don't just want to spend my money buying ineffective products that may get my situation worst.. I'm just a 15 year old guy, and my face is oily..I'm living here in Philippines, so just tell products that is also available here.. =P Hope you can help me find which suits me best.. My face is not too oily, and doesn't have too much pimple, it's just oily and I'm irritated when pimple will just show there! Lol.. I'm just starting to have blackheads.. And by the way, can you also give tips to me to avoid acnes and to have a clearer face, and to remove also the scars that pimples have left behind..

Thank you very much to those who'll be helping me.. I owe you alot! ^_^

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    If you can get avon products, I swear by their clearskin range, especially the astringent toner and facial scrub.

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    Try Phisoderm to cleanse your skin. Use it twice a day.

    Clean & Clear Toner works well. ProActive is for people with a lot of acne, but doesn't sound like you need that. St. Ives scrubs are OK. Try one with small granulars so you don't stretch your pores too much. For blackheads, there are strips you put on. Usually though if you cleans and exfoliate, blackheads go away. You can also try a facial masque to help with blackheads. One with clay works best. I think St.Ives has one.

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    Hey Michael, Fellow filipino [im filipino]

    For cleanser I used clean & clear and neutrogena. I use St. Ives blackhead body scrub. For toner I use Clearasil and it works great. For moisturizer I use clean and clear again. To avoid acne you need to cleanse your face every day but using all of these products might be too much. Use fact acting clearasil for a pimple that just pops up! I hope I helped you :) Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

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    Natural products commonly found in stores or already in your house are your friends, believe me!

    Cleanser: milk, yogurt, chamomile tea, almonds(mashed into a paste).

    Toner: rose water, cucumber, orange and lemon peels, lime.

    Moisturizer: avacado, honey, cocoa butter, and mayonnaise.

    Scrub: finely chopped tomatoes and very finely crushed rice, slightly powdered oats(just put some plain oatmeal mix in a blender and mix with honey/milk).

    Most of these you really only need to put on your face for a little while and wash them off. Once you get over the fact that you're smearing food all over your face, you'll love it! :)

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    use antibac wash, toner, and mask. you can buy this online it is make by roche.

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