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Medicines can be helpful in improving sex power ! Do they have side effects ?

If I want to have a long sex encounter with my partner, should I take the tablets like vigara or I can use some ayurvedic medicines like Shilatij etc. (I heard about thes from

I have no problem or premature ejaculation or loose penis. My penis when erected is hard enough and I can wait till first organism of my partner.

But, I want to know if I take some medicines, will they be helpful ? Will they give me extra power or I should go for some sexy food like Blackberry, banana, Ice Cream that can increase the sex power.


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    Yohimbe bark, yohimbe bark. The side effect is especially if taken on empty stomach - nausea. sometimes yohimbe bark when it does work can cause an erection for more than 4 hours get it checked out by a doctor.

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