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If animals slained in sports is wrong, then how about gambling or buying big-sweep?

I was told that horse-racing supported by many gambling industry.


If one kind of gambling is supported, how the escalation of other mode of betting/gambling i.e horse betting, dog racing, sport gambling, on line sports betting, football online gambling, horse racing wagering, offshore gambling for fun and profit.

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    there is quite a difference between the two , in that in hunting sports the animal is killed, and in the gambling sports the animals are usually (I know some like cock fighting etc are not) ) well looked after ( cos they are making money for the owners).

    But indeed there is the questions of if gambling is wrong, and whether its right to exploit animals in such a way.

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    All the above said activities are down right wrong.Hence where is the question of horse racing,dog racing,Rooster fighting etc justifying. Whether betting or gambling is involved in such activities or not,using any animals in such sports is wrong.

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    If people want to gamble then that is their own business because they are able to choose to do that, the animals are not able to choose to be in sports. Whether the animals enjoys the sport or not, what happens to them when the owners are done with them is usually bad.

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    I am from the horse racing capital of the world (Kentucky) and I know several horse owners, and every one of them, to a man, will tell you that thoroughbred horses LOVE TO RUN. They get excited for races, and when they don't run for a while, they get antsy.

    cockfighting, dogfighting, and the like are obviously inhumane, but to say that horse racing is inhumane is just plain inaccurate.

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    As a vegan I stick to the true vegan philosophy of only helping animals when it's convenient and I like gambling on the ponies and dogs.

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    I wanna go out and get slained.

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