does anyone know how to access the internal memory of a Samsung SCH M-500 Phone?

I am so not trying to spend money on cellphone internet just to get pictures and what not, but when i connect my phone to the computer it only shows the memory card... how can I open the memory to extract my photos and manage my information the way I want to ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    find someone who designs samsung phones or knows samsung phone schematics, tear your phone apart, and connect and rewrite the data, connect an sd card extension to it and route a rewritten operating code chip to send the data to the phone.

    At that point you are pretty much designing a new phone though.

    Unless you are a software/hardware programmer who knows the phones language and are prepared to build a new phone or route the screen output to a cable connected to your computer to "approximate"

    there is no quick fix. I am aware of..

    maybe a hacker out there knows.

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