Do PETA's tactics like giving children happy meals with pics of deam animals on the ethical?

Are some of their tactics even helping there cause?? Comparing the slaughtering of animals to African slavery is infuriating to me or the holocaust of Jews how dare them. do the Antics of Ingred New kirk the self proclaimed nice racist and her disciples tactics ethical??? they even support a terrorist group why aren't these individuals locked up for destroying millions of dollars in property from scientific equipment to the fashion worlds merchandise???

What is your opinion??


there is a new documentary on HBO now about the hypocritical antics and controversy of the organization it is about how they do it , not the treatment of animals. I don't agree with cruelty of animals but really disagree with their tactics of going about protesting which range from idiotic to vulgar and down right insulting.

Update 2:

The HBO doc is called "I am an animal the story of Ingred Newkirk" for the second poster.

Update 3:

David this is my point exactly but If I want my leather and my steak it is my business but I am not running a dog fighting ring for my amusement.

Update 4:

The Question is Do PETA's tactics like giving children happy meals with pics of dead animals on them ethical....the ""m"" got put where the ""d"" should be which happens alot when I type here which is some kind of glitch or twitch of my hand sorry for the mix up.

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    Haven't heard about this one, and it's a little hard to believe.

    Sounds like it may have been some alarmist nonsense somebody made up so they could have a straw man to knock down, but if you have a link I'd love to ready it.

    They have vandalized laboratories, and I am very against that - they should go to jail if caught. They could be destroying important life saving research going on with the death of many people as a results.

    This is a matter of, if you don't like meat and leather, don't buy it! Don't try to dictate what everybody else does!

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    I have not seen any of that advertisement on happy meals or any thing else. Could be that I don't frequent these establishments often. Nevertheless, I think it would be horrid for anyone eating (specially children, very impressionable) to associate at a meal. What is the significance of such? This is partly what I mean about those subliminal messages.

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    PETA is a serious organization. I mean PETA is most likely going to have it where they plaster everywhere what a slaugterhouse looks like. animal cruelty is terrible. I think we all don't stop eating meat out of fear, and we have become so dependent on it. I have stopped some meat eating but its so hard. I don't hunt anymore. I try not to harm any insects/animals. I think PETA is right in ways, with attacking Beyonce, and how she tapped an alligator's mouth shut for her Bday album. animals have feelings, we are linked to them. they are just as sacred/special as us. we are no better. well that is how the native americans/egyptians/most idigenous people felt about nature, animals, plants, insects, the works, treat them will love too.

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    enable me purely say i don't have self assurance in harming animals in any way in any respect, till you are going to eat em. people communicate approximately like do no longer eat dolphins while they're interior the tuna, %. out the dolphin like raisins, yet have you ever each and every shopped for tuna and it says dolphin risk-free and you style of pass yea yet..... such as you go with to do the best concern yet someway you do no longer think of it quite is going to be as sturdy, like it quite is style of bland with out the dolphin. yet right this is the difficulty why no longer kill and eat a dolphin? Why no longer? Oh by fact...... what? i are not getting it. it quite is like once you’re a tuna f*ck you, we are eating ya, So i do no longer probably see the version. i think of it quite is incorrect to eat Tuna & Dolphins and Cows and each thing yet I eat them, I eat em all, by fact i do no longer care that it quite is incorrect, I completely think of it quite is poor, yet it quite is no longer considerable to me, that it quite is poor, so what if it quite is incorrect, it tastes sturdy and that i like the way it feels as quickly as I eat it so f*ck it. what share animals might eat us in the event that they had the prospect? and that they might not care.

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    No opinion needed. Animals have not the capability for logic or reason, therefore cannot be included in the catagory of beings with rights. This being the case, I will always be able to mow my lawn also.

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    Its the same as Christians protesting abortion with pictures of aborted fetuses. So if you think thats not ethical then PETA move isn't ethical.

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    i agree with peta. the torture of animals is unacceptable and the world should know about it.

    Edit. children should know where their happy food comes from dont you think? so a picture of a tormented chicken on the box of happy food is a good idea.

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