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Did you know that you get $10 an hour working at In & Out Burger????

Thats like $4 more than minimum wage!

Thats more than all of their competitors!

And THAT will be my summer job :)))

Heck, screw Micky Ds, In & Out it is!!!


well that would be crappy if i had my own family to take care of or something but im 15.

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    it still involves working in a fast food restaurant...

    No thanks.

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    I make $9 at Mickies, but that is in Washington state, where the taxes and cost of living are a lot lower than California. What you pay $20 in Cali for you can get for $12 here.

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    Yes, I know. It's because In & Out does a lot of manual work. I heard that they cut their own potatoes for fries and ground their own meat for burgers. At other fast food restaurants, employees just toss everything frozen in the deep fryer or grill. In California, the minimum wage is $7.50. It will be $8 next year. Therefore, it's not $4 more to work at In & Out.

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    I think it depends where in the U.S. you live, and the cost of living in your area, and what exactly your job will be if you are hired at In & Out Burger. You get paid more if you work in the back/kitchen, and less if you work the front counter.

    Two days ago, someone who lives in Alaska told me that a McDonald's they just build where he lives, has a hard time hiring...they start at $12/hr. But then again, he says other business start at $14/hr. Unfortunately, though it sounds like a lot of money, everything else is expensive just to live there.

    If that's a great wage compared to other fast food restaurants in your area, go for it! (btw, I think In & Out Burger is yummier than Mickey D's!)

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    In & Out Burger is great. I love those burgers. I miss them.

    It's true they pay much better than other fast food places and it makes them much better places to visit, with quality employees who appreciate their job and pay.

    However, most In & Out Burger locations are in California where it is ridiculously expensive to live. So enjoy your hourly wage, work hard, and you'll appreciate the experience later.

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    Do you know up here in Alberta Canada right now you can get $16 an hour working at McDonalds?

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    Where are in and outs at? I don't think there is any around where i live but tht's a really good wage

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    sign me up

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    thanks for the heads up, good luck to you.

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