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tay zonday is cool?

i bet anyone a thousand dollars tay zonday is going

to be a celeberity and a star! he's new he's

different. his sound is one of a kind, it's so good

to hear something other than rap and r&b.

who agrees with me? please dont reply

mr or miss know it all i do want to read

a paragraph keep your professional music

industry comment to yourself? and your

comparasions to other artist.

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    I like him...I think he has good talent. His style of artistry is pure. I like the fact that he takes criticism from people and use it to build his structure. The bad thing about receiving feed back is that some people are REALLY ignorant and nasty towards him by calling him the "N" word and other unneccessary words. He has tremendous strength to put up with that because if it was me...I couldn't handle the pressure. Besides that, he is very smart as well. He is in his 4th year in his PhD, he is going to make alot of money one way or another. But his musical sort of like Picasso. When Picasso started his painting career, no one really liked it. Some people today believes that Picasso painting looks like a child had painted it. Others believe Picasso's painting are works of art. Same thing with Tay....his style is different, but just time he will become an even stronger influence on culture. He needs to meet up with the right person that can carry his career in a new direction.

    Source(s): P.S. I like the "Demons on the Dance Floor" track when he sung live at First Avenue in Minnesota. <a href=" Zonday - Demons on the Dance Floor (First Avenue 10-05-2007)(</a> ----listen to it.
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    Tay Zonday is already climbing up the ladder. Watch "Cherry Chocolate Rain" to see what I mean.

    I love this new sound of his. It's like no other. "Demons on the Dancefloor", "Internet Dream", and "Love" are my favourite songs from him.

  • Anonymous
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    i love him. he should read stephen king.

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