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Learning to play the acoustic guitar...Where do I start?

I'm passionate about writing and listening to music...I'm starting to learn the basic chords and have myself a nice acoustic guitar...I want to become good at playing..But where do I start? I have the time, I go to college full-time but I'm not working at the moment so have a lot of time to practice...I want to learn pretty much the lot of how to play the acoustic guitar within the year (By the time I turn 19) Now...where do I begin??

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    Favorite Answer can buy many different books and CD,s, however, nothing works better than going to an instructor. Yes I know this sounds boring and expensive...but. One on one instruction for a beginner is priceless. Find an instructor that will work at your pace and only do want you want to do (They ARE out there). You don't have to go once a week or more...maybe just once every one or two weeks until you get enough basic skills to go out on your own. I took 8 months of lessons about every one and a half weeks for thirty minutes. This gave me the basic information needed to feel comfortable with playing covers and my own stuff. Just remember try and get some practice EVERY day.

    If you absolutely insist on using the internet to learn try here:

    It’s the best I’ve seen.

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    In learning to play a guitar, patience and determination is a must! The main problem of starter is the stiffness of their fingers. You should first familiarized the formation of the finger in a particular chord, say for example C on which you hold the strings 2,3, and 5. As you hold the strings, strum the guitar downward, let say 3x, strum the guitar downward 3x. Then remove your fingers from C-formation, then strum again the guitar thrice. After that, form again the chord C and continue the pattern. This is for you to familiarized the formation of the fingers in every chords. Just keep doing it until you able to do chord changes quickly. If you're finished with C, then go with G,Em and D.

    Now, second is, look for a song to accompanied with. But, look first for those who have simple chords (a lot of songs have simple chords). These songs include the chord pattern G-Em-C-D or higher (A-F#m-D-E) and others. You can also put a chord in a song without looking to a song book or songs with chords on it. This is when you know the chord-series. But you need not to know that immediately, you'll discover it soon. Just keep practicing.

    I'm not that expert in a guitar, but observing and self-discovery helped me to show my talent in that particular field. As you try to learn to play it, frustration may happen, but don't lose into it, just go on!. Come to think of it, I was able to do it, a lot of people were able to do it, how come that you cannot?



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    Go and make an ad for a private tutor to teach you

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    you have already started to learn it! just try to make ur own tunes and songs and practice as much as you can!

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    Start here!!!!!

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