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why is it not called a hate crime!?

OK this is killing Baltimore, two separate incidents have happened this week where white people were severely beaten by gangs of black kids, just for being white. This is the definition of hate crime. If it were opposite, all we'd be seeing on tv were the usual race pimps (who make millions of dollars trying to dig up racism where it doesn't exist) trying to stir up hate and segregate black people even more. But i'm sure when a white person brings a gun on board a bus for self defense and shoots someone to protect themselves, and that person happens to be black, it will be all over the news and will be branded a hate crime and there will be statements said like, "he only shot him cuz he was black". My question is, to black people, I think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are setting black people back decades and if MLK was alive to see it, he would puke. This was not his dream, it was unity. What do you think?


and PLEASE don't bring up the "jena six"...some white trash put a noose in a tree....that doesn't give 6 people the right to corner a defenseless person and beat him and put him in the hospital...they should all be in jail...assault is a serious crime and if you think that compares to innocently riding a bus and being severely beaten because of race, I don't want to hear your comment because obviously you are a part of the problem. :)

Update 2:

xeny- because HATE crimes carry a heavier sentence than others...thats the justice'd think differently if it was a family member of yours that this happened to

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    When is this country going to grow up and see the vision of people like King, Kennedy, Reagan and the others in unifying this country?

    Why is there so much hate among people in this nation so proud of it's diversity?

    Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton and Many others like them promote the separatism and hate, otherwise they would not have a job or be seen in the spotlight if they promoted equality of all people.

    The promotion of affirmative action, for instance is like telling black people they are not good enough to make it on their own merit. These types of programs on the left's agenda do more to promote hostility between the races than the vision of peace among brothers, no matter the color of their skin.

    It seems these visions have been set aside and violence is now the driving force behind many of today's youth.

    Leaders need to come forward, first at the local level and do some positive things to make a difference. Don't just talk the talk. Get out and walk the walk teaching the positives of working together in building this great nation of ours.


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    there should be no difference in the punishment given to a black guy who beats a white guy or vice versa. a crime is a crime, and you shouldn't brand any kind of crime a hate crime cause there's no such thing. i think al sharpton is a real muppet.

    and as for the jena 6, we don't know what punishment would have been given to 6 white kids if the roles were reversed. most likely it would be the same punishment, but that's not how it happened so we'll never know.

    In the UK the sentence of death was always carried out by hanging, so i don't understand how you can be offended by a noose hanging from a tree, let alone beat a retarded redneck half to death over it

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    From Wikipedia:

    Hate crimes (also known as bias motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.

    If what you say is correct then yes, the things in Baltimore were hate crimes. I don't know much about Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, but I hadn't heard that they condone hate crimes (nor, as you point out, did MLK), and I'm pretty sure that has to be right.

    They may be wrong for some other reason.

    EDIT: Separatism is not equivalent to promoting hate crimes. Nor is affirmative action. If someone could direct me to a link which demonstrated that either Sharpton or Jackson thought this sort of behaviour was acceptable then I would be entirely in agreement with other posters. At least tell me what the link is between Sharpton and Jackson on the one hand and hate crimes on the other.

    In response to Sister G, the point you make is what I'm trying to understand - criminal prosecutions are ordinary brought by State prosecutors. If this was the appropriate charge why hasn't it been brought?

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    The race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton would be out of a job if there was no tension between the races...there MUST be tension and they make sure there is. You are right about MLK and how he would feel about this...MLK would NEVER condone the beating of ANYONE ..especially over race which in my mind makes Jackson even more wrong...Jackson was close to MLK and should know better. Hate between the races MUST be kept alive so Jackson and Sharpton have a purpose, but we have lost our bearings...tell me people..which is worse??..hanging up a noose???.....or...ganging up on a person and stomping him into the ground??....yes it is wrong to hang a noose....but its a much worse wrong to beat someone almost to death....yet, there are many who feel its an outrage white to blake....but deserving black to white...amazing.

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    The term "hate crime" was created to appease those like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpeton who want to keep promoting racism. Any violent crime is a hate crime in one way or another. Having more severe punishments just because the victim and the offender are different in some way just furthers discrimination.

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    There seems to be a double standard on the value of the human life in this country. one's life isn't measured by it's worth of just being a human, it's measured by the amount of pigment in your skin. sad? yes. reality? yes. black people and white people and every other color in the spectrum should be treated equally. it's a crime against another fellow human being not a crime against some lower form of life. when will all of mankind wake up and realize that they are destroying themselves, and prolonging the hate that separates us. perhaps other races need strong people to stand up for them the way that the (race pimps) do for their own. maybe when they realize that we refuse to stand for that treatment then they might show a little more respect to us as equals, and back off . but until that day, a day when we have groups stand up for the human race, this will only continue, and injustice will continue to spread, and mankind will continue to be divided.

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    I wondered the same thing. Those people on the bus were attacked for the sole reason they were white. The attackers even called them racist names.

    Yet the police have said neither were hate crimes. If we're going to have that stupid hate crime law, then it needs to apply to everyone. If it doesn't apply to everyone then the law needs to be scrapped.

    Those people need to get lawyers and sue their attackers not only for the assault but for a hate crime. As long as that dumb law is there, then they need to use it.

    It's pathetic we're being told it's not a hate crime just because the victims were white.

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    There are siginifigant problems with race in this country. Louis Farrahkhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, is allowed to spout his hatred toward" the oppressers of his people" and nothing is said. If you of , being white, were to make the same type of comments toward another race it would be considered hate sppech. There is a slew of double standards when it comes to this, but there is just one answer: Thre is racism in all groups toward a member of another group. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. feel they are treated unfairly at some point by another group, and this will never change.

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    I think that Jesse and Al have no credibility, because they only cry out for justice when blacks are the victims.

    REVEREND Jackson should be just as outraged when a white is the victim, as a matter of principle...and should call a black on white attack a hate crime just as he would call a white on black one.

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    While I can agree with you that people like Sharpton and Jackson don't necessarily help the black people's cause, you make light of racism by putting a spotlight on an isolated incident to make your point. Black people have been beaten since the beginning of time. There has probably been several incidents of black people being beaten for each incident of a white person being beaten, yet to you, the Baltimore beatings are noteworthy.

    Jackson and Sharpton get under your skin because they represent an extreme that is vigilant and decries racism against blacks.

    In my mind nobody should be getting beaten because of the color of their skin.

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